Nope… I am not referring to the color but rather the fun little growth on the inside of our horses legs.  I personally was always taught (when needed) to slather some vaseline over them for a few days and then they peel right off. I know many others wait until they are big enough to pinch off and some even cut them off.  

You can also normally peel them when bathing your horse. 

Some horses are really not interested in cooperating – luckily for me I’ve never experienced a horse that hates them being touched. I was kind of amazed by how ugly some horses chestnuts are!

What do you all do with them? Do you let them grow? Do you remove them? Tell me all about your care/ management of the pesky buggers. 

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  1. I am definitely the worst example ever, but I cut them off, like with an actual knife. I know. I KNOW. Tris is really chill for it and no way, no how are those things coming off during a bath or with scissors. They grow huge and fast and they are like rocks. He gets them on his fetlocks, too.

  2. I’ve never needed to use anything to soften the chestnuts, I just peel a layer off when I notice them getting thicker.
    I think it’s disgusting when someone has let a horse get those more than inch thick chestnut crusts. Blech. Evidently some people then have their farrier take those off with nippers.

  3. When Teaspoon got the random, unknown auto-immune disorder his chestnuts fell off to the point of leaving bloody, soft skin. After witnessing that I’ve never touched Simon’s. Figure they can just be all natural!

    1. Thanks for the comment Lauren. WordPress hates me and won’t let comments come through without approval even though I unchecked the approval box… Still working on getting it to cooperate! :/

  4. I peel them off during bathing or grooming. Haven’t tried the Vaseline trick but all my horses’ chestnuts have come off pretty easily.

  5. i’ve never touched my mare’s – they seem to keep themselves trimmed up nicely enough on their own. that said, i hate the look of big overgrown chestnuts so on a different horse i’d probably want to helm them along a bit