Rider Review: Mango Bay Belts

Once again reaching into the archives and posting a previously posted review.

A few weeks before my birthday I received a very special package from a very awesome lady. L from Viva Carlos sent me my very first Mango Bay Belt. The wonderful owner of Mango Bay even included a nice little handwritten note. Talk about service.

On my actual birthday I found out that I won 900 Facebook Pony’s Mango Bay Belt giveaway. My birthday was a really hard day for me but this was a fun surprise. Imagine my shock when I opened the package from Mango Bay a little later and there was not one but TWO belts. I don’t know if the owner is just amazing and decided to send two on a whim or if she saw on my instagram/blog that I needed a pick me up. I have no clue but I was very surprised and so pleased. You can just call me a Mango Bay Poster Girl đŸ˜‰

Denim & Grey Chevron

Back to review land…

Price: $18-19

Review: Mango Bay Design offers the chicest patterned belts out there for some of the best prices around. These belts come in countless fun patterns on colored webbing. They feature ring closures that truly do lay flat when being worn. The end of the belts are also protected with a metal cover which prevents fraying and finishes a very clean crisp look.

I personally wear a size 26/28 in most breeches and all of my Mango Bay Design belts are a size small. This does not leave a large tail hanging which I prefer when riding. In addition to looking great these belts stay put and don’t move when you are being active. The fabric of all 3 of my belts measures exactly 37″ so I would say they are true to size in terms of being accurately described.

The only thing that I don’t love about these belts is that on the belts that have a pattern that has to be worn a certain way (for instance it has a horse jumping on it) I don’t like that with my side zip Tailored Sportsman the tail of my belt ends up pointing forwards instead of back (if that makes any sense). A very small qualm and all this will do is probably push me towards the more flexible patterns that I can flip upside down so that the tail points in the direction that I want it to. Picky rider will be picky! – ETA: the owner of mango bay has said she can change the direction of the buckle if requested for patterns that have a “right side up”.

Bottom Line: Now that I have had the belts for over a year I can say that they seem to hold up nicely. They also wash up great. I find myself stalking her website for the release of a 2″ model of her belts that will fit perfectly in my Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Belt Loops. I WANT THEM ALL. I hope that any of you looking for fun belts to mix up your riding outfits – or attire in general will consider looking at Mango Bay Design. These belts are really well made and come in so many awesome patterns.

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  1. my collection of mango bay belts has definitely grown since i first read about them (probably on your blog lol) and i definitely want more!!