Joy of Home Ownership: Plumbing

Unfortunately I do not have anything exciting to talk about. This past weekend our house decided to break on us and kinda kill Kyle’s birthday weekend. 

Last week was kind of killer for both of us at work and I decided to take a bath on Friday evening. You’re probably wondering why I am telling you about my bath time but it’s important to the story… Afterwords I went into the basement and there was water all over the floor. Pouring out of our basement sink which was filling from the drain… Cue panic. The water didn’t smell bad and I couldn’t figure out what happened… Until I realized it was warm water that smelled just like my lovely bath bomb from LUSH cosmetics…   

After some cleaning and a visit from a plumber we have running water again but it is going to be a rather spendy process to resolve the issues permanently. I hate trees now and want to kill every tree within 50-100 feet of our house. Note to home owners… Do not plant trees near your plumbing! 

The joys of home ownership! 

I like to stress bake which led to a lot of Pinteresting and the creation of the masterpiece below (cookie/Oreo/brownie bars)

 I will probably be in a sugar coma by the time anyone reads this. Must eat all the things!

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  1. When Rick and I bought our house, we replaced all the flooring throughout. Less than 6 months later, we had to jackhammer out the brand new flooring to replace corroded sewer line. Plumbing sucks.

  2. Those cookie bars look AMAZING! Sounds like they were well deserved given the plumbing problem :/ hope that is resolved soon (and without breaking the bank account).

    1. It probably will be kind of painful but I’m actually kinda excited that this is pushing us to remove some trees and jump start some landscaping projects… Maybe… Trying to be optimistic haha

  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of homeownership. Sometimes I wish I still rented – then its someone else’s problem.

  4. You didn’t tell me about the Lush bath bomb! What flavor?! I <3 everything from Lush.

    Also, I'm a little glad that I don't live closer because I would just sneak into your house and eat all your baked goods and have to waddle sneakily out.

  5. Plumbing sucks hardcore. Our kitchen sink started backing up about three weeks after we moved in. Then it got worse. I used Drano. Then the plumbing under the sink exploded and the Drano got over everything in the kitchen and I had a panic attack and was up all night mopping and re-mopping the floor and cleaning every inch of everything so the animals wouldn’t get sick.

    Then I called a plumber, who never returned my calls. Then I called Roto-Rooter who came out the next day and spent 3 hours and charged me $300 to remove the biggest clump of hair ever from the deepest possible recesses of my plumbing. It had to have been from the previous owners washing their hair…in the kitchen sink.

    So yeah. I hear you.

  6. Ouch! What an awful initiation to homeownership! I had something similar in my last house – both tree roots AND a poorly placed fence post went through my drain line. Fun fun fun.

  7. OMG I need those brownies in my life!!! I’m never gonna get skinny with reminders of good food like that lol.

    SO sorry for your plumbing woes. My coworker just found out her neighbor’s tree roots cracked her pool. Plumbing + trees= eventual disaster.