VCBH: My Cubicle

 Viva Carlos started a fun blog hop and I decided to join in.

Most of us work for a living (wishing I didn’t have to), some of us in way swankier places than others (right now thinking of all my friends who work at places like Google and Salesforce.. le jealous! all dem snacks!) Anyways I am curious for a pictorial tour of your office or cubicle.

I work in a cube farm… There are no windows on the floor except in offices so those of us in the cubes just hope that the office dwellers leave their doors open. My picture above is a panoramic fail… My cube is not shaped in any unique way as this picture depicts but I thought it was funny so I decided to run with it.

On the left you can see that I have a cork board of pictures. Otherwise I live in a sea of post-its to remind me of my deadlines. Once a week I get to work at home and that “office space” is much more appealing! I have two awesome sidekicks in Sonny and Stella and it makes getting out the barn after work so much easier! Definitely my favorite office space 🙂


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  1. I would love if I could work from home with my dogs once in a while. I too have no windows at my cube (hospital basement ftw). Yours looks very organized!