Weekend Wrap Up: Barn Dog

I know that having dogs at the barn isn’t for everyone… But for me it’s a god send. Shortly after I got Annie Sonny started acting out – more destructive, more clingy, and overall kinda disobedient. I couldn’t figure it out until Kyle and I were talking and I realized that when I started riding again I stopped taking Sonny to the dog park as much.   

Once I came to that realization I really wanted to find another barn where he could come out with me. Stella being a Frenchie doesn’t have as much energy to burn (mental and physical) so it isn’t as much of a concern for her. After a few weeks of searching I found a barn that seems both perfect for a greenie (lots to see and lots of turnout) and perfect for Sonny. Not only does Sonny get to go to the barn with me he also gets to play with the BOs GSD. 

My friend that recently moved is also at a dog friendly barn and it’s really awesome that on the weekends we get to have the pups at all of the barns. It makes for some very happy and tired dogs! A tired dog is a good dog! 


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  1. I love bringing my dog Molly to the barn! She runs around with the dog that lives on the property the whole time I’m there…when I drive home she is immediately asleep (I call it a “barn coma”).

    Looks like Sonny enjoys the barn dog life 🙂