Leg Yielding A Greenie

On Thursday I finally was able to get on Annie again. First ride in almost 2 weeks and she was great. I did throw her on the lunge like for about 6-7min just to get her sillies out.

 She was pretty darn good. I am always impressed with her brain. During this ride she really seemed to get leg yields. Obviously I’m not asking for anything intense but I do want to get her to move off my leg well. Mission accomplished! 

Her green started to shine as she lost her cool, calm, and collected self as the gerbils fell off the wheel in her brain when I asked her to canter. She was not bad at all. She just got a little bit squirrelly. I laughed about it and kept trucking on. All of our rides are short and sweet and I make sure we always end on a concept that is easy for her. Given how infrequently I have gotten to ride lately the only goal for my rides is happy and calm. We don’t drill and most of the concepts she picks up very quickly. Always surprising me!

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