Our Wedding Live


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  1. Wow! Love this video, it got me a bit emotional actually. Right in the feels! What a great way to remember your day.

    Congrats again. You were such a beautiful bride and your dress is spectacular 🙂

  2. WOW. This was so incredibly beautiful in every way. Makes me want to go kiss my husband now. What amazing memories to have captured in this way!

  3. Ok, so I don’t spend 5 minutes on ANYTHING these days (other than nursing, LOL), but I just had to stop and give my full attention to this! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, I love your love story, girl. So happy for you. This totally made me cry <3

  4. New visitor to your blog and had to comment on your FABULOUS wedding!! I love everything – the setting, the flowers, the maid’s dresses, all was amazing. And YOUR dress and shoes – WOW! Way to rock the Louboutins.;) I have to ask – who made your dress? I couldn’t breathe in mine either but sometimes it’s worth the pain..