Weekend Wrap Up: Field Trip

This weekend Annie got to go on her very first field trip. My trainer friend was planning to go schooling with her daughter at the KHP XC schooling day and asked me if I wanted to join. At first I was hesitant but I figured this would be a safe place to get her off the property and there would be no pressure. A sane pony and a horse that regularly fox hunts seemed like the best company I could ask for!

K and her friend/ roomie came to visit/ watch/ document this monuments trip and I am so grateful for all of the pictures and the video. As far as first outings go I don’t think I could have asked for anything more – except maybe a cooler day – it was blazing Saturday!  

Annie got to walk up the babiest of banks, school through the water, and even meandered over some logs. What I was most impressed by was her general cool cucumber demeanor about everything. Horses were wizzing past us and it was kind of chaotic at times but she just went about her business.

What are some other fun things those of you with young horses have done to get some exposure? I am going to try to meet up with a fellow blogger at some point to go for a trail ride (I’m lookin at you Karen) and will hopefully get to tag along with the friends I went with yesterday again. Nothing too stressful or very often but I think that getting her out and about would be good for her.

I am pretty happy with my little filly that’s just less than 2 months off the track. Given that she’s got about 12 rides max on her I would say that’s pretty darn good.

And no – I’m not aiming to event long term but it was a good opportunity to get out and about inexpensively. Given that my area is saturated with eventers and not so much hunter/jumpers I will be taking her to any and everything I can get to for exposure/ experience in the coming year.

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  1. What a good girl! And what a great experience. I took my young horse xc schooling earlier this year and it was such a good experience. I’m not planning on eventing him either but just being out in a place like that is so good for them.

    I do a lot of trail riding with him and it’s great! It’s nice to just point him up a hill and kick if he does anything stupid too. My barn also has a trail course that we’ve played with too, we suck but it’s fun.

  2. Exposure is so good, cross country schooling is also good for the greenies even if you’re not eventing. I took Pongo lots of places to school when he was young and on trail rides with very solid, quiet companions. Like you said low pressure is the key so she build her trust in you and confidence in herself and you. No expectations for now, just positive experiences.

  3. She is such a legend!
    I loved doing lots of trail riding with Nancy when she was a baby horse (still do now). She has such a good brain that it is so much easier to meander in the woods with N vs K