Weekend Wrap Up: KY National

This weekend was a pretty fun one complete with a horse show, tack ho purchases, and pony time. After the week of skin funk and back pain (mine not the ginger) I was excited to get up to the Kentucky Horse Park on Saturday to watch my friend show in the Low AO jumpers.

Naturally my first stop was to the tack shop as my friend was course walking when we got there. One thing lead to another and before I knew it I was walking out with a new helmet. Whoops. In my defense my CO has been giving me horrible headaches which I am guessing is primarily due to the fact that I have about 12 inches more hair than I did when I purchased it.

Embrace the awkward helmet selfie. What stinks most about this is that my mom bought me a CO AYR8 Leather Look last fall that I literally wore one time before I stopped riding… When I started up again it made more sense to keep using the one that was already used. Given that they are the same size my hopes that the headache would go away with the unused helmet were unrealistic… I am a bit skeptical of selling a helmet to someone for liability reasons so I would probably only sell it to a friend and that would really only work for someone with a huge head like me.
While at the horse park I also bought a container of Squeezy Buns from FarmVet. I contacted the company with some questions on the consistency of the treats because I am a little disappointed… I bought them as the advertised “pliable pill pocket” ย for shoving dex into the hive covered ginger and mostly have found them to be crumbly and dry. I will report back with more details but I will say that I am super impressed that “Uncle Jimmy” himself emailed me within 30 min of filling out the contact survey.

Hopefully everyone else had awesome weekends!

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  1. I think the Uncle Jimmy’s get like that when they sit on the shelf for way too long. I always buy them as a special thing for shows and have never had dry crumbly ones until the last package I bought. Guessing they probably sat at Dover for god knows how long. The Uncle Jimmy’s I have in my house (that were sent to me in May from UJ’s themselves) are still totally normal. Given how soft they normally are, I can’t even imagine how long they’d have to sit to get dried out!

  2. Those Samshields are pretty! I’ve suffered through the slightly too small helmet headache too, and it’s just not worth it. You could probably sell the helmet on a FB group and just be honest with a price cut of course.

  3. Love the Samshield! You will love being g able to wash the liner! And I wouldn’t have a problem buying thar CO Leather from someone describing it like you did – if you’re honest, I think that’s what matters.

    1. Yeah I wouldn’t be dishonest about it. It is as good as new honestly and looks it too. I may keep it just in case…

      Though my husband said that this helmet looks way better so I guess I look like less of a mushroom head.

  4. love the helmet!! and would probably offer to buy the other helmet (bc i also have a giant head) except COs do absolutely NOTHING for me lol