Introducing The AnnieMobile

This probably won’t be a big surprise given that we just bought a truck right before our wedding but a few days ago I became the proud owner of my very own horse trailer.

The AnnieMobile/PonyMobile is a 2H Adams Julite. I ended up getting extra space in the dressing room as well as NO CARPET. Best decision ever. I probably wouldn’t have pursued Adams if they hadn’t agreed to make the trailer without a carpeted dressing room. 

Aside from minimal roadblocks regarding trying to get my truck unhitched from the trailer, with the raise hitch, getting her home went smoothly. The jack wouldn’t raise the trailer high enough which lead to short term complications. Note to self: go buy some wood blocks.

I had just about everything besides extra wood blocks at my disposal. Whoops.


Totally love the way the butt bar pins work! We are getting a weight distributing hitch installed next week and hopefully they will be able to figure out why the interior lights won’t work. The dealership tested them in front of me and it’s definitely our truck and not the trailer. They tried to look at the fuse box but that was futile. Fingers crossed. Otherwise she hauled great! WOOHOO!

It is seriously a big stress reliever to know that not only can I haul Annie to Nashville myself I can also be independent. Where we live now I have quite a few resources should I need someone to haul in an emergency but moving to a new place it makes me feel much better to know I can handle that aspect myself.

Do any of you all have any tips or tricks for new trailer owners? From organizing, cleaning, and actual  hauling I would love to hear it! I am pretty new to the BP thing having always pulled GN but I definitely learned one lesson – always have spare wood around! 🙂

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  1. Woo hoo! Nothing prettier than a brand new trailer! Definitely install as many hooks as humanly possible in your dressing room. Even if you think you have enough, put in more.

  2. Yahoooooo! So pretty!!

    Make sure to get some sort of blocks for behind the wheels when unhitched and parked.

    Also extra sets of keys 😜

  3. It’s so pretty!! I love it. I agree with the extra blocks for the wheels, and definitely install many hooks and racks for saddles and pads.And if there isn’t one, a light in the dressing room is immensely helpful.

  4. Very cool! Great idea about no carpet… I always wondered why carpet in dressing rooms in the first place because it is so impractical.