LH Infection Update

While I was out of town over the weekend spending some quality time with my amazing family Annie was at home brewing an infection.

 Apparently having hives and scabs covering the majority of her body wasn’t enough… She felt the need to also cut her self. On what I am not entirely sure.

I was trying not to be too concerned about the cut as it didn’t seem too deep but it was in the back of my head all weekend. Unfortunately it must have been more of a puncture wound or gotten something in it because it blew up and opened up.
While I was gone the delicate flower got medicated baths for her hives as well as cold hosing. By Sunday night when I got home her leg was still kind of angry and I was able to give her some oral antibiotics. The vet came out on Monday and gave her a jump start on the healing with an IV injection of meds.

We are also cold hosing daily and doing standing bandages when she is inside. I really didn’t want to pull her turnout so we just swapped it so that I am able to cold hose, bute, and wrap her after work for her night in. So far so good.

Re-Check is later today so I am crossing my fingers she gets a good report!

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