Rider Review: EquiSpa Products

Another one from the archives! At the end of last year I won a contest for a gift card for EquiSpa.com hosted at My Equine Odyssey. Boy am I excited to have discovered these products! With the $75 dollar gift card I was able to get 3 of their products to try and I love all of them. The products that I am going to review are The Balm, the Cool Muscle Wash, and the Show Coat Leave In Conditioner.

The Balm

This stuff is great. I personally have probably used it more on my own hands than on Houston (or now Annie). The only thing that I don’t love about it is the smell. I tend to lean towards sweeter softer scents though so other people might like it. It isn’t awful but it also isn’t very appealing. However, I am constantly in need of a product to rub onto Houston’s heels and coronet band and this product is a good option I think. Also I can totally see how it could be used as a bug repellent (stinky remember!) and I would feel safe applying it to a cut or something needing protection from the elements come summer time. This stuff is priced at $16 a jar and seems like it should last quite some time. I will be holding off until I use it all to decide if I want to buy more though as I am not totally sold.

The Cool Muscle Wash

I think that I just have a thing for witch hazel. All of my favorite products have it as an ingredient. Not only does this stuff smell delicious it seems to do a great job. I sprayed this on a bump that Houston had gotten on his withers from a blanket sliding back and by the next day all of the swelling was gone and he was no longer tender. That’s a win in my book. This stuff isn’t cheap at $21 a bottle but I can see myself buying more of it to use and alter back and forth between this and Sore No More.

The Show Coat Leave In Conditioner

Witch hazel again my friends! I absolutely LOVE this stuff. It leaves the ponies smelling sweet and fresh when I use it and it is also effective. Houston’s coat was pretty abused 2 winters ago when he was hurt and was looking really rough from less grooming (yes, I know I am a bad horse mom…) and lots of clothes. After maybe 4-6 applications Houston’s coat was looking and feeling amazing. Best part is you can use this on the entire body and not worry about your saddle slipping. Yeah for silicone free conditioner!

Bottom Line:

I am definitely interested to try out more EquiSpa products. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the EquiSpa Show Coat Conditioner to anyone needing an overall coat conditioner and I find this stuff to be fairly unique due to the fact that you can apply it everywhere not just on the mane and tail. Definitely planning to keep stocked up on it. The Cool Muscle Wash and The Balm are both great but I am not sure that they are going to win me over entirely from the Sore No More equivalents (Sore No More Liniment and Sport Salve. Time will tell. The Cool Muscle Wash certainly smells better than Sore No More so that alone is giving it a few points. And it made my hands feel great!

Check out EquiSpa.com for natural horse products that are safe for the sensitive horse and rider!

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