TGIF: House Work

Happy Friday! Things have been a little crazy around here lately. We met our realtor on Tuesday and got all of the details for listing our house. For now we are planning to clean up and declutter this weekend (yay…), pictures will be taken Mon/Tues, house will be listed on Friday. Lets all do some house dances (like rain dances) that someone comes to see the house and falls in love right away.


 With all of the house stuff I didn’t get to do much will Annie this week. Kinda disappointing but its not like we are on a deadline. I did get to ride her last night and she was pretty good.

It is pretty incredible the things that I forgot I went through or struggled with with Houston. Nope that creature didn’t just magically know how to perform 2nd level movements… All of those hard days with plenty of sweat, tears… I know that it will be worth it in the end and with time I will forget as I did with Houston but baby horses aren’t a short road.

Two Pointober should be fun this year… I don’t really look forward to hovering over a spicy ginger when the temps drop! She actually isn’t bad haha but it will be interesting and probably more work! Since were on the topic I have a couple of quick announcements about 2ptober.

We got some last minute additions for more awesome prizes.

The Printable Pony has generously offered up an additional prize to runner ups: have their pick of either custom 2016 horse binder (super cool I have one) or 4 graphic art prints. She’s also has a coupon code 25% off anything until the end of November: 2pointober! This contest is seriously wide open since $900fb pony dropped out, she seriously dominated last year and slayed us with her 2pointage. Spread the word, Join the fun, Win neat prizes! Read new blogs!

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  1. Best of luck decluttering and adding your gorgeous place to the market. I’m sure someone will snap it up as it is a beautiful pad.