2ptober 2015

It is once again time for 2pointober! L (Viva Carlos) and I will be co-hosting the event again, 3 years running!

This year we hope to get even more participation than previous years – and we have a lot of fun sponsors for prizes!

Never done 2pointober before? The point is to track your progress systematically. Last year my participation and improvement was pretty dismal but game on this year!

To join:

Please sign up in the comments of this posts or L’s post. We will be compiling all submissions and tracking progress using the same formula’s as we did last year (woot excel)!

Hop on your horse and start your stopwatch/phone/timer/look at a clock and stay in two point as long as you possibly can – this will be your baseline. (even better get a friend or trainer to help!)

Tell us your baseline in a comment! Simply posting on your blog does not count. L and I cannot keep track of potentially 60+ people’s blogs daily so we really appreciate you commenting on one of our blogs to share baseline and progress reports!

Make your own plan and track your progress. We only want to take a weekly progress report from each of you so give us your end of week numbers (Friday or Saturday).

Spread the word! The more the merrier! (This will not increase your chances of winning – only sweat and tears can do that!)

You have until midnight (aka early early in the morning) Wednesday October 7th to sign up! This is also the day you need to get me or L your baseline (you have the whole weekend to go get it so go do it!)

There are two categories! Most Improved and Longest Time. You can only win 1 category. If someone is both most improved and most time, we will choose the second person to win one of the categories. There will be Runner-ups in both categories. As like last year this year we have some fun options and sponsored prizes. I am honestly pretty jealous that, as hosts, L and I are out of the running for the rad prizes!

 Winners Prizes:

  • A 4oz Herbal Horse Tin (Heal Quick, Be Calm, etc of your choosing) and lip balm each (of your choosing!) – For both
  • Relatively Stable item Equi8 shirt (limited sizing available, substitution up to discretion of Sponsor) – For Most Improved Only
  • EquiFuse is sponsoring a Body Brilliance Collection (Longest Time) and Mane and Tail Performance Pack (Most Improved – no link but it includes: Citrafoam Shampoo, Citacreme Conditioner, and Gleam Moisturizer)
  • NerdHorse set of coloring pages – For both

Runner Up Prizes:

Last year we had almost 60 participants! Amanda was the winner of the longest time! Blowing everyone away with her 24 min baseline and improving her time to 25mins! LoveLaughRide was able to improve her baseline by 891% winning the most improved category. Runner ups included Alli for Longest time and Dragon in most improved (251%).

If you can’t wait for the competition we also have some great coupon codes offered as well!

EquiFuse: The coupon code for 10% off is 2ptober10. We have limited it to one use per customer and it is valid October 1 – November 30, 2015.

The Herbal Horse: Coupon code is 2pointober (20% on purchases over $20 through November 1, 2015.)

Relatively Stable: Coupon code is 2POINTOBER (15% off orders of $15 or more for the entire month of October).

The Printable Pony: Coupon Code 2Pointober 25% off any item to the end of November!

This is a great chance to meet new bloggers and improve your muscles! Start your timers!

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  1. I would love to participate, but since I will only be getting one ride a week, and that will be a lesson, it’s not really realistic. Maybe next year!

  2. Man, those are some sweet prizes! Thanks for hosting again, this is so fun to participate in and watch everyone else as well.

  3. I am so excited to participate this year!! Somehow I missed it last year. Hopefully I can get my baseline in tomorrow between rain storms…

  4. Only just come across 2ptober this year; great idea! Not got a horse this year as my old boy passed on just over a year ago, but I’ll keep watch for future events!