Weekend Wrap Up: Opening Hunt

First off PSA if you are participating in 2ptober final times are due Nov 2nd at 11:59pm PST. 

Earlier this past week my friend mentioned that Saturday was opening day and that she might be able to find an extra horse so that I could go. I was so excited. I have always wanted to get out in the hunt field and as a total newbie I was nerding out at the prospect.

I was able to find my coat and stock tie and only had momentary panic that I had never worn my black field boots. No time like the present to break boots in.

Stephanie at Hand-Gallop posted about how to prepare for opening hunt and I can add a few items to the list:

  • Don’t ride for the  month leading up to it – crippled at 25yo the day after is worth it
  • Realize you haven’t washed your coat since who knows when – no time now so you smell
  • Don’t break in or even wear black field boots prior to wearing them for 3+ hours
  • Forget both saddle and helmet at farm the night before
  • Lay awake like the kids in disney commercials

My friend D’s daughter was out of town this weekend so I was able to catch a ride on him. This was only possible because the stars aligned and D was able to use one of her friends young horses.

blessing of the hounds (from afar)
I just have to say that this was one of the most fun rides I have been on and I can’t wait to go again. I am already trying to research local Nashville hunt clubs. I have literally no idea what joining would cost (any experienced people willing to share their knowledge?) but I am super interested!

 So grateful and happy that I was able to participate in such a fun adventure! I would encourage anyone interested to try it out!

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  1. So fun! In my area here in the northeast hunt memberships can run anywhere from $1k – $5k for the year. It’s the only thing really stopping me from joining my local hunt – SO expensive!

  2. That looks like a blast!! And what a cute horse to do it on.

    One of my biggest regrets was never hunting Candy; his breeder said he hated it, but I think he would have begged to differ.

  3. You look so happy and cute on Wally! I’ve never hunted but I’ve been invited by a local club. I don’t think it’s for Pongo, but maybe….??? Id feel better on a less ahem, “expressive” mount probably!

    1. Haha there were some expressive horses out there but luckily like 95% of the horses were seasoned and chill so they didn’t have anyone to feed off of if there was a horse that was a little up.

  4. omg what an awesome adventure – i’m super jealous!!! hunting was in my plans for this fall but… alas, not going to happen any more. seriously tho, that pony is stinkin adorable !

  5. Ahhhh I’m insanely jealous! This looks awesome! Having lived in Nashville for over a decade, I never hunted but there’s definitely a big community there!

  6. I hunted once when I was 12. Oddly enough, I made a contact through Instagram and have the name of a SoCal hunt that I hope to get to guest ride with soon. The area where they hunt has a 3* event so I had to clarify first just how high the jumps are and if there’s a hilltopper group. Thankfully the highest ones are 2’9″ and the option exists to go around. I love all your pictures and it looks like you had a blast!