Weekend Wrap Up: Waiting Game

We had a pretty busy weekend house wise. I was booted from the house Friday afternoon for an inspection for the potential buyers of our house. We got their list of demands and need to talk to our realtor about a counter offer today. Theres no way we can afford to do everything that is being asked so it should be fun… My friends pup was staying with us Wed-Sun while she showed at Harrisburg which was pretty fun. Sonny loved having his GF for company all day every day – Stella was not as convinced of the intruder.
On the Annie front she got one last medicated bath on Friday as the temps have been dropping here. I finally got to use her Bucas Cooler courtesy of Riding Warehouse! Her leg is looking way better and I am hopeful she will be able to stop being wrapped this week. I am a little hesitant to stop too soon for fear it will blow up so playing it safe for now.Due to the inspection all of the dogs got to come to the barn Friday – even the very not barn friendly mouth breather. She loved it but it was really hard to manage her and a horse. Sonny and his pibble side kick are true barn dogs so at least I didn’t have to worry about them too much. Stella basically was tied from location to location as I took care of Annie.

After over a week of wrapping I had to break down and use my no bows (which I HATE) and wrap with them… The pillows are being washed and brought back to action ASAP (which I forgot to do as I am typing this Monday night – face palm).

Crossing my fingers big time that we have reasonable buyers that will negotiate and that Annie continues to improve. 🙂 Kyle started his new job today so I am flying solo during the week until we move and I am anxious to get to Nashville! Sorry for the ramblings but I have moving/ selling house brain.

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    1. I used to like them more but I feel like I have a better feel on not getting too tight with the no bows. Idk – I am comfortable wrapping with both I just feel like my no bows don’t last as long and get rumpled.

  1. We too had a list of demands from our buyer – fortunately, my husband was able to complete most all of them himself – otherwise, would have been very costly. I know the stress…hang in there!

    1. The worst part of their demands is they wanted certified everyone to fix the big list. We countered with a repair allowance. If they don’t like it I guess the house goes back on the market.

  2. Fingers crossed for smooth sailing on the house negotiations! 🙂

    I have a cocker spaniel x shih tzu who is the most terrible barn dog ever. The last time I brought him to the barn Henry picked him up and threw him…. Argh.

  3. Congrats on the move to Nashville! I almost moved there a few years ago for DH’s job too. Love that city, its so vibrant and fun yet there is a ton of history. Annoying about the house tho-you would think since you guys just purchased it the laundry list wouldn’t be that long! Hope it all works out.

  4. Question about the Bucas cooler, do you think it is suitable for winter and fuzzy horses, or is it better for warmer weather?

    1. I really like it. I haven’t gotten to use it that much though. If you mean for dead of a super super super cold winter I would probably not recommend it. I think it would be fine for after rides here most of the winter though.

      1. Thank you for responding! After much thought and debate since riding warehouse has such a good price, I decided to get a heavier cooler for winter. The Bucas cooler looks super nice though and I would like to get one eventually. My horse really despises static electricity, so I contacted RW about the Bucas cooler and they didn’t think it felt like it would produce a lot of static, but they also didn’t think that it was the best cold weather cooler.