2015 2PTOBER Results

Congratulations to the Winner’s and First Runner’s Up!


Longest Time:

Figure – Topaz Dreams

0:01:00 – 0:40:38

Figure has hit the record for Longest Time overall in all the years of 2ptober! That’s amazing! You get your choice of 4oz Herbal Horse Tin and Lip Balm , Nerd Horse Coloring Pages, and EquiFuse Body Brilliance Collection.

Most Improved:

Erin – The Story So Far

0:01:00 – 0:14:310:13:31 – 1350%

You have won EquiFuse  Mane and Tail Performance Pack, 4oz Herbal Horse Tin and Lip Balm , Nerd Horse Coloring Pages, and The Relatively Stable Equi8 shirt.


Longest Time:

Alli – Pony’Tude

0:12:56 – 0:23:01

Alli is amazingly consistent garnering the Runner-up prize for Longest Time 3 years in a row!

Most Improved:

Three Chestnuts

0:01:31 – 0:10:060:08:35 – 565%

Both of you get these awesome goodies: A The Herbal Horse Shampoo or Lotion and Choice of Custom 2016 Horse Binder or 4 Graphic Art Prints from The Printable Pony

To collect your prizes please email Me (EquestrianatHart at gmail dot com) or L (Lnwillia at gmail dot com)  your Name, Email and Address so our prizes can get shipped out.

And for everyone else, seriously Thank you for participating, This contest is only fun because of all the great people involved. 2 of our sponsors are still offering coupon codes through to the end of November. (Formula for those wondering about Improvement is Final Time – Baseline divided by Baseline multiplied by 100.)

EquiFuse: The coupon code for 10% off is 2ptober10. We have limited it to one use per customer and it is valid October 1 – November 30, 2015.

The Printable Pony: Coupon Code 2Pointober 25% off any item to the end of November!

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  1. Congrats to the winners, impressive!
    Thanks to you and L for putting this on again this year, it’s such a cool blogger event. And thanks to all the amazing sponsors who are amazing!