$900 FB Pony Blog Hop: Top 5 Horse Show Essentials

Amanda from The $900 Facebook Pony started a new hop and asked what are your top 5 horse show essentials?

I haven’t shown in over 2 years now so I can’t really say too much but when I was showing my essentials were:

  1. My Stanley Trunk is definitely on s Amanda also said this thing is the best! It is light enough that even when it is packed I can usually lift it into the bed of a truck. It is large enough to hold almost everything I need at a show except my medical kit – which is handily stored in another Stanley. My only complaint is that the lock that is built in fell out and the  buckles have  gotten beat up. I can still lock it though so no big. It isn’t going to win any beauty pageants but I still love it!eef5ad13-66f8-47e8-b887-4985ffeaf335_300
  2. Higher Standards Leather Saddle Soap will always be found with me at a show. I love that it somewhat conditions as you clean. There is also nothing like the pleasant scents. I always know my things will be in great shape when I have this stuff in my trunk.1402972942_large
  3. Next is my Braiding Belt which at this point I have largely improved on. I purchased dull metal needles at a craft store, hair clips, and sharper scissors which leave me armed to battle even the gnarliest of manes! With this thing everything I need is on hand and easy to get to! TSLT771015_90761
  4. Snacks requires little to no elaboration. Water, granola bars, candy, cookies, sandwiches – everything to keep you happy morning to sunset is vital. I am not a good rider when I am hangry!galway-leather-country-boots-walnut_1
  5. Last but not least are my Dubarry Galway boots. Rain or shine these guys are my go to. I used to wear Danskos when I was not in my riding boots but now I wear my DG to the barn literally everyday. 3 years strong and they still clean up great and are just as effective and useful as day one making them worth every penny!

What are yours? Join the hop!

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  1. I could go on for DAYS about how much I love my Stanley! It’s been through 2 states with me and multiple tack rooms, and it still looks as good as new. I love that it’s water/critter-proof and I LOVE that it locks 🙂

    I had been lusting after the Dublin River boots forever, and when I pulled the trigger on them last year, I thought I’d only wear them to the barn. However, like your Dubarrys, I wear my Dublins everywhere!

  2. I have challenged myself to get my (pretty much entirely house renovation related) credit card debt paid off by Rolex, and if I do, I am buying myself a pair of Dubarrys. I hope you are at Rolex this year and can join in on the shopping!

  3. Those Dubarrys have been on my wish list for years, but there’s always something else that takes precedence. Although with the crazy rain we’ve been having, they may get bumped to the top soon…