Rider Review: Dubarry Galway Boots

Dubarry Galway Boots 

Now… I always said that I would not be the person that spent such a ridiculous amount of money for a pair of boots that you don’t even ride in but I am so glad that I have these boots. Thankfully because with a hefty price tag of approx $480 if I didn’t like them that would be some serious buyers remorse! Or gift choosing remorse in my case because these were an awesome graduation gift from my wonderful parents.

Some of the key features of the Dubarry Galway Boots are that they are versatile, waterproof, and even trendy. I would say that these boots do tend to keep your feet fairly warm so while I did wear them through the summer I think they are the best Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Pros: Number 1 is hands down that they are waterproof! I love this feature. Who doesn’t love the ability to wander around in a giant puddle? My feet have stayed dry even while standing in water up to my shins! Another thing that I love about these boots is how classy they look. I get all sorts of compliments on these from horse and non horse people alike. I guess that the ability to wear them while cleaning stalls to going about your daily business is definitely a plus. The waterproof feature also makes it very easy to keep these boots clean as a whistle. They do require some care in terms of making sure to clean them with the appropriate soap, conditioner, and even protectant spray but I guess that I take appropriate care of all of my leather goods so why would I change that for these boots?

Cons: Keep your feet almost too warm in the summer. Not really made for walking – perfectly fine for day long use but I would not advise wearing this if you are planning to go for long walks – or if you are… maybe wear thicker socks than I chose to. If I could fit them in mine would probably have some insoles in them – or would have initially. Now that they are broken in they are much more comfortable – as with any shoes!

Care: I mentioned the usual care on the pros but I guess that some could see this as a con. It is not any different than any other product of its design but of course Dubarry does recommend that you use their care products. I happen to really like their line of leather care for these boots so I will continue to use that indefinitely. Not only is it effective but it also seems like it will last a really long time.

Bottom Line: If you have been thinking about buying a pair I encourage you to do so. I have only had mine for about 6 months but they seem like they will last forever and they clean up like new with some conditioner! If I assume that these boots will hopefully last me at least 5 years (I am hoping for much longer) then I would only be spending about $95 a year to keep my feet dry while still staying stylish… even if they only lasted 3 years that would still only make it about $13 a month! (Update to add that I have had them 2.5 years now and they are going strong and clean up great) Yes yes I do have a problem… I can’t help it that I have been trained to think about things in the way of their depreciation and how much they cost per year of use! This is how I justify almost all of my purchases 😉

If you find yourself with time you should definitely check out the other drool worthy items that Dubarry makes… Seriously some classy outfits to be had.

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  1. they’re great boots! i have a different company’s version of river boots and am pretty much in love with them – but yea they’re not great for summer tho!

  2. I do love them. They’re so beautiful. If only it would be cold and rainy here in SoCal! I bought Hunter boots 2 years ago and because of the drought, I’ve only worn them a handful of times. Hope El Nino happens this winter.

  3. I finally broke down and ordered a pair last year and they just didn’t fit my feet right. I practically cried when I sent them back 🙁

  4. Drooooool, I’m so jealous. I have my knock off “heels down” boots in the meantime. Once someone asked me if they were Dubbarys and I almost fainted I was so happy.

  5. I have a knockoff pair that I love, but I really want a pair of the dubarry’s (in black or black brown), but I am trying really hard not to spend the money… It’s even harder because the Dubarry store is about 6 miles from my house… But, your cost per month/year is really not helping me stay strong and NOT buy them! We’ll see…

      1. I really shouldn’t have read this/listened! I didn’t believe you (or rather denial) until I put them in my cart and applied the code. I really wanted a different color but for the price… for a $200 difference… Just need to figure out what size the dubarry people fitted me in to…

          1. So I ordered them yesterday before I could change my mind! I got my order confirmation right away but do they normally send a shipping confirmation? Under my account, the order is there but no status. But, super excited for my boots!

          2. I’m not sure but I ordered from them and also don’t have a tracking number. I figured I would get something this coming week. 900 Facebook has ordered from them before with no bad luck 🙂