Sorry for the radio silence. Moving is hard! We got a call on Tuesday at 5pm that the people buying our house wanted to close on Monday… Yeah they didn’t  even give us 5 business days notice. I was not happy. We were able to compromise and will be moving out this coming week and closing the 16th. It is all going to work out but there was a decent amount of panic and wine consumed. In Annie’s eyes the grass is definitely greener on the other side. On Friday I went out to meet the vet for our very delayed vaccinations (thank you hives for delaying everything) as well as to get a health certificate for our move. Because it was so warm Annie also got a bath and now she won’t look like a gross dust magnet… Or not like as much of one when we land at the new barn.
  I am hoping to start riding more and posting again once we get settled so bear with me for the next couple of weeks. The new barn looks incredible and I cannot wait to all be in the same place again.

Posts to come:

  • Reviews
    • Saddle Lockers
    • Herbal Horse – various products
    • GunDogSupply – collars/leashes
  • SALE
  • New Barn

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  1. Gun Dog Supply collars are a staple in my family’s house. Can’t wait to see more pictures of the barn and your reviews! Wishing you a smooth(er) transition to Nashville!