Weekend Wrap Up: Moved

Friday afternoon the last of our things were loaded onto the truck and we spent our last night as KY residents.

Saturday morning we headed out to the barn to grab Annie for the big move. This was the first time I have hauled her in my own trailer and I was obsessing about everything. Luckily Kyle knew not to rush me and was along for the ride.

Not only is pulling a bumper pull not quite as smooth as a gooseneck there are also a lot more steps to the hook up process (when you add a weight distribution system and friction sway control).

Once we got hitched up and Annie was wrapped she loaded like a champ. The drive was incredibly uneventful minus some traffic as we entered Nashville.

Once we got to the farm Annie was a bit up… She was having a hard time taking everything in but immediately got to go outside and stretch her legs which she seemed to enjoy. 

Unfortunately I had to be back in KY today to close on our house so I was only able to check on Annie really briefly before hitting the road again. 

Thankfully the little ginger has already made a friend and BO reported that she seemed very content.
I can’t wait to get back to riding the red head again. Until then boxes on boxes on boxes. Oh the joys of moving!

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