Lesson Recap: Balance

This weekend I had my first Tennessee lesson and it was awesome!

I rode a spicy little jumper mare and while the lesson was very frustrating it was also incredible and fun. I think that this new trainer is going to be great for me.

I have gotten in the bad habit of over riding with my upper body. This is extremely apparent when I am jumping and makes me resemble this:


Then I proceeded to get a few well deserved refusals and I was more like this:


To break it down (more for me than for you all) I was getting nervous as we approached the fence and instead of remaining still approaching the fence I was throwing my upper body into more of a fetal type position.

Fetal Position

Obviously that is not the desired position over fences but I guess my general nerves about jumping combined with a new horse and trainer was the perfect combination for out of shape/practice me to make a fool of myself. The mare I was riding was not super into me totally changing my ride and balance as we approached the fence and wasn’t about to tell lies for me. No leg plus a floppy body makes for an unpleasant sight. She wasn’t dirty at all and honestly I probably wouldn’t have been on her back on the opposite side of the fence so I am not holding it against her.

I was much more upset about the events that occurred than new trainer (who is totally fabulous btw). As it became evident that my body wasn’t going to listen to my brain trainer had me hop off so that he could pop the mare over a few fences because I had gotten her a bit frazzled riding like a drunk monkey. Then I hopped back on and we were good to go.

Trainer talked me through it step my step as I got more comfortable and while there is a lot of room for improvement I can’t wait for more lessons. He is just what I need. Tells it like it is while still being kind. No sugar coating but just the right amount of assistance. He was still getting to know me too but I am sure that with more lessons he will whip me back into shape in no time.


I am hoping to have 2 more lessons this weekend!!! This week can’t go by fast enough.


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  1. But.. the fetal is the only jump position I know! Scratch that, I also know standing straight up in the stirrups.

    I can’t wait until baby mare is grown enough to join you over the fences!

  2. exciting that you already like the trainer so much! i get so frustrated with my upper body sometimes… but yea, combine a new horse and new trainer scenario and… well it happens. hope you love the next couple lessons too!

  3. When I go fetal my trainer compares me to a turtle and tells me to “embrace your inner giraffe” or just yells “GIRAFFE!!!” While I’m on course 😋

  4. Awesome that you get to knock the rust of with a great trainer and a grown up horse before being ready to rock it over fences with Annie!