Rider Review: Gun Dog Supply Leash & Collar

Recently I ordered our dogs new leashes and collars from Gun Dog Supply online. I ordered Sonny a 16″ Mendota Collar and a flat Mendota Leash. Stella got the same collar but in the 3/4″ style and a rolled Mendota leash.

Price: $29.95 Collar & $24.95 Leash (Sonny’s leash and collar). This price point was honestly the best that I could find for the quality. Between the great feedback I had heard about the website and then a friend putting in a good word I felt very confident placing the order.

Pros: The leashes and collars that we received are much nicer than I expected for the cost. The leather is strong and supple at the same time. The plates are well made and securely attached. Additionally the safety ring is the perfect place to attach the leash so that you don’t have to battle with the tail of the collar to use the main hook.

The sizing of the collars is exactly as the website suggests and they even provide a nice walkthrough for how to measure your dogs neck. I was a bit skeptical when Sonny needed a 16″ collar and Stella needed a 14″ collar but turns out that Stella is just a little beefcake. 

Cons: The only cons that I can come up with are the fact that the collars are a little stiff when you get them. That is the case with most leather products though so it’s nothing that I hold against the quality of the products.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a nice quality leash and collar at an affordable price that is sure to last I would definitely recommend checking out the offerings of Gun Dog Supply. The customer service is fantastic and they ship things very fast.

Happy Shopping!

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    1. Yes he does! They are so well made. We went with Dog Name Our Last Name, City, and then phone numbers. The site recommends not putting your dogs name on the collar because that can be advantages for someone stealing your dog? But I didn’t want my name on the collars either.

  1. These are the only collars my family ever buys (then again we only have hunting dogs)! Love Gun Dog Supply.

    Our last dog had his name on his collar because we wanted someone to steal him… Oops.