Dusting Off Coats

Given that I am going to be at 2 weekends of a rated show in just 2 weeks I needed to scrounge out some of my show clothes and evaluate what might need to be replaced. Admittedly I was super worried that my hunt coats wouldn’t fit given that 1 of them is from when I was 15 years old and the other fit about 15 lbs ago… Over the years I have downsized a ton so my options aren’t as extensive. I have about 3 shirts (used to be 15 probably), 2 hunt coats (used to be 4), and 1 black coat from eventing.

coat 1: snug but not bad for a decade old
coat 1: close up grey with light purple stripe
coat 2: darker and looser
coat 2: darker blue grey with light pin stripe

I luckily should be okay with the coats that I have for this show (treat yo self will be happening once I slim down) and will just need to add some shirts to my collection. I am super relieved that my coats fit now but I need to find some shirts and break in my black boots some more!

Any of my fellow bloggers have good show shirt recommendations? I am open to all options if it is a nice shirt that will last and keep me comfortable! 

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  1. The Essex classics talent yarn with only the half buttons are the way to go. Keep you cool when it’s hot out and look nice too. I actually don’t own any other kind now. You can usually find the old colors on sale just watch out for the pearl buttons (unless you don’t think they are ugly like I do, lol).

    Now there are so many awesome tech fabric coats too, definitely a must for the summer. Plus the stretch is amazing, love when I can actually move my arms, lol. If I ever get to show again I plan to treat myself to a second one…

  2. Essex talent yarn or le fash. This tack store in Kansas has some nice le fash shirts on their ebay store for a good price.

    Ebay seller: kellyallison42

  3. I, too, am a fan of the Talent Yarn Shirts–I have the wine bottle one and I love it! I also have a Noble Outfitters show shirt that it actually pretty nice.

    That second coat in the darker gray-blue is gorgeous! Although my guess is it would be quite hot for the spring and summer…

  4. I’m going to add to the Essex Talent Yarn praise. They are the best. They wash up really well, too. You may be able to find some on eBay, too. Also love le fash, but only on sale.

  5. I am maybe a bit more traditional, in that I like the shirts that button/snap all the way down. I have one TS show shirt I got on super sale that I really like with the cooling fabric, and I think all of my others are some version of Essex CoolMax shirts. They have a few options, but I can always find them on sale for $30-45 which is a really good deal for a comfortable shirt. I like that they’re thinner than the Talent Yarn shirts, and really a more breathable material IMO.

  6. If you are looking to really treat yo self, the LeFash shirts are AWESOME. Soo comfy with the bamboo. I wore one under a coat last May (in San Diego) and by the time I took my coat off, I was already dry. Expensive shirts, but really nice shirts.

  7. Another vote for the Essex talent yarn shirts! I have a white one (with the pearl snap buttons) that I wear for foxhunting. Even under my heavy wool coat after a couple of hours of riding in warm weather, I stay pretty cool. (The pearl snaps don’t bother me because I wear a stock tie.) Everyone always compliments the fun trim; I throw on a cable knit sweater and fold down the collar and turn up the cuffs for hunt breakfast and feel very stylish.

  8. I have no shirt suggestions. I wear a polo. But I can say I love the grey, and always wanted a windowpane pattern like on your blue. They are both very nice.

  9. Those cats are gorgeous, always a major bonus when things still fit after 10 years – dayum girl!!!
    I’m no use on the shirt recommendation front, but cfa/Gingham from Pia & Prairie’s Parade recently recommended a brand whose name I’ve forgotten but began with a C. She also got a really cute belt from them too

  10. I’m a fan of the Talent Yarns, and I do like, but don’t love Le Fash. If you can find Le Fash on sale, it’s worth it, but I wouldn’t pay full price. I’m also cheap, so there’s that.

    I LOVE that grey coat, and the darker fits you like a dream!

  11. Looking great!! I love your coat colors!!

    I have a variety of show shirts but I like my new Ariat one, it’s breathable and only snaps halfway uo… Probably like the exxex above 🙂