Ears over Hips

As is my new standard for the weekend today was a day full of lessons. The morning started off with NT coming to the farm to teach me and another boarder.

My lessons on Annie still had the main goal of quiet. She seems to want to be a quiet ride but she also is still getting used to accepting a consistent contact. I struggled with the same things I always do which is keeping my upper body up as well as riding deeper in my seat. Leg leg leg is what I need to use but my instinct is to take it off and drop my hands. Low hands are not soft hands nor is lowering my hands a half halt. At one point my trainer said I needed to stop hovered and start riding. I can’t just give up or stop riding – surprisingly the creature goes better when I actually ride it… Baby steps towards getting my sea legs back I guess.
Even more exciting is that I got to jump around on my favorite one of NT’s sales horses. If I had a money tree he would be mine mine mine. I love riding him because I can really focus on myself. I started off on fire. I nailed my distances and was so comfortable. Then we stopped for a second and it was like my brain tuned off and anxiety turned on. I got incredibly hurried and flustered. I was missing my distances and squeezing C off the ground from the big gap and overall a disaster. Thankfully he is a saint so while he wasn’t happy he didn’t do anything bad and let me figure it out. I felt really badly because I wasn’t doing C justice. Luckily trainer had me break down the exercise again and when I kept my shoulders back and “ears over my hips” things went much better!

Exciting news coming up! And I should have more Annie spam as Kyle is going to come out to the barn with me tomorrow!

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  1. ugh i hate it when my brain turns off and the anxiety turns on… that’s the worst! it’s getting better for me with fitness tho. excited to hear about your news!