Following Hands

This weekends theme for lessons was soft following hands. I have the tendency to get stiff when I get nervous or to drop my hands. I need to learn how to ride with a higher hand and a shorter rein.Annie came out a little high but she was trying very hard to be good. Our flat work went pretty well with most of the work being on me – she was an angel and I ride like a monkey?

Kyle came out to the barn with me so I finally have some more video of the little ginger.

Next up was a lesson on C. I worked on very similar things and had a break through over fences. I tend to want to look down and try to find my distances but if I get the right canter they tend to come to me if I can keep C packaged. He is a big horse and if I get him strung out I end up only riding the front end and not his motor so to speak. It really sank in for me when my trainer said to ride him “uphill” and get him balanced – it is really funny how just a change in phrase can make all of the difference in a lesson!

I had some great rides between both ponies and I am feeling excited about Wilmington in 2 weeks!

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  1. Annie is adorable!!

    If it makes you feel better- I ride with long reins and raise my hands to make them shorter. So I’m working on the opposite- low hands with short reins.

    Can’t wait to hear about the show!

  2. She is so darn cute!! And omg, how many times have I heard “just let go and close your leg!” shouted at me since I started real jump lessons XD

  3. awww Annie is doing so well!! very cool that you get to switch between the two horses too, i can definitely see how it could help you get ideas for what each horse needs