#GoalBreeches Commence

At the end of the year I started to get really self conscious as my clothes got tighter and tighter. I was a size 2 for our wedding and my dress fit perfect and then somehow between August and December I packed on the pounds. The most alarming fact about this recent weight gain is that all of my Tailored Sportsman are getting harder to zip up… I refuse to buy new ones so I need to slim down so those suckers fit!

Enter a casual convo with Nicku about it and such started the #goalbreeches FB group.

For me I just want to be comfortable in my clothes again… It isn’t so much about the number but I won’t lie and tell you that the number on the scale doesn’t bother me.

if i make the picture smaller will the # shrink too??

The combination of selling our house, moving, and the holidays had my eating (and drinking) habits all out of whack which certainly didn’t help my case.



eating-gifSo with all of that off my chest I decided to jump on the 21 Day Fix Bandwagon and I cannot wait to see what the results are – technically I won’t start officially until the 11th. If anyone else is interested in doing 21 Day Fix I would encourage you to talk to Nicku. She was super helpful to me when I was debating what to order – I am excited about having support in this journey and will be checking in weekly!

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  1. I hate stepiping on the scale, especially lately. It’s really amazing to me how stress also makes me pack on the pounds. With my pregnancy and unexpected miscarriage in September, I had already gained 5 pounds and seemed to just keep gaining after that deal. I haven’t tried on any breeches in a while, but with my jeans fitting poorly, I can only imagine. Here’s to a new year and healthier bloggers. And of course #goalbreeches

  2. *sigh* I must admit, I could probably benefit from some accountability. My Piper breeches fit ok, but my nice soft shell winter Kerrits breeches from last year….yeah not so much… Even more disconcerting is the fit of my jeans lately though :/

  3. I gained about 20 pounds after my wedding, mostly because I got really careless about how often we ate out. I trained for and ran two 5Ks this fall and even all that running didn’t help! The worst part was looking at my health assessment from my insurance company – all of my blood work was perfect, but I had a big red “OBESE” in the BMI section. So depressing!

    I started my third Whole 30 on January 2 and already feel better. I’m doing yoga this week, but plan to go back to PiYo later this month. I completed PiYo around this time last year and while I didn’t lose weight, I lost a lot of inches and I felt so much better!

    Good luck – you can totally do it!

  4. I sympathize with you! I’ve got the vet school/happy relationship fluff going on, and am about to go into clinics where there’s sweets galore. I avoid the scale like the plague, but I measure myself monthly and use my tall boots and Tailored Sportsmans as motivation- those things are too darn expensive to outgrow!

    Good luck! You can do it!

  5. Having just graduated from college and switching from walking at least 2 miles all over campus 5 days a week, to working 9-5 in an office, I’ve definitely noticed the difference this year as well. My breeches still fit, but maybe not quite like they used to. So I’m all for #goalbreeches!

  6. My struggle is similar. I was a size 2 when I got married in June and, come October, everything started being too snug for comfort, where my 4’s created a muffin top. I was 129 pounds in June and I’m 140 pounds today. It’s not an insurmountable sum but it’s very aggravating! I lost a lot of weight (gained from drinking in college) when I met Ben a few years ago and I can say it’s gotten a lot harder to lose weight after the initial drop. I’m exciting for #goalbreeches because I really need the support and camaraderie of likeminded ladies!<3

  7. I haven’t seen a size 2 since I was 13 and that was several decades ago. My goals are a little different, and complicated by foot surgery, but maybe I can use your motivation to get me back on track πŸ™‚

  8. Hillary, this is seriously awesome. I am so thankful for you being on this journey with me and especially for doing weigh in Wednesdays. Thank you for spreading the word about #goalbreeches and my business too. I appreciate you and am cheering you on! 21 Day Fix here we come!

  9. ha when i bought my first pair of white breeches that’s all i could think about every time i hopped on the treadmill… “White Breeches, Emma. WHITE!!!” alas with the broken leg it’s been a while since the treadmill was a thing i did… but maybe soon?

  10. I don’t hear very many good things about ‘program’ diets, but I hope it works out very well for you! You know I’m here if you ever want to bounce ideas off of