Informal Blog Hop: Grooming Tote

First off Equestrian At Hart is now on Facebook so you should check it out! I will try to keep the page updated with fun happenings and hopefully some contests!

In December it seemed like everyone was posting about what was in their grooming kits. It started with Breeches and Boat Shoes and then Emma from Fraidy Cat Eventing made a post which led to Amanda’s post sparking my interest in joining the sharing club like 3 months late.

My box is kind of like a Mary Poppins bag… No matter what I think is in there or will be the final selection of items I can always fit that extra thing in there…

Mary-Poppins_zpsc8c19703I ordered my box from Rose Hill Equestrian Works at the recommendation of SheMovedToTexas and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Not only was Jeff fast and professional the box is perfect! My only complaint is how heavy it is but given that it is wood and stuffed to the gills that is to be expected.
The right side of my box contains more brushes than any one person could possibly need for one horse… as well as 2 conditioning sprays. Most of the brushes are Legends but there are a few exceptions such as the painted brush that Beka bought me from The Artful Equine, a stiff dandy from my old local store, the new Leistner Fury brush that Amanda gave me for Christmas, and the Haas Diva brush that Now That’s The Spot introduced me to. Last but not least it has the ultimate hoof pick – no hoof no horse! I also keep a mix of Healthy HairCare Moisturizer as well as a bottle of Carr & Day DreamCoat.

The left side of my box has a SleekEZ (review to come), a few curry combs, some liniment, scissors, cheap tail brush, pulling comb, scissors, and a solo comb. 
This post was an awesome motivator for me to clean out my grooming box – it had gotten out of hand! Are there any specific staples that you all keep on hand?

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  1. Yay for someone having more brushes in their grooming box than me. Probably only because I keep some of mine at home…

    Also, I tried the ultimate hoofpick and hated it. How do people survive without a brush on it?

  2. I’m totally planning on building a brush box soon – you’ll have to tell me what you like and don’t like about yours! Other than the heavy. 🙂

  3. I want the Diva brush so bad! Fits Lexie’s personality, and it won’t anger the mare.

    I hope your red head loves it!