Last Minute Show Essentials

As I was starting to make my packing and shopping list of this weekends coming show I noticed that there were a few things that I probably would need to replace/ update.

First and foremost was my collection of show shirts. Everyone sang the praises of the Essex Talent Yarn shirts in the comments and so I am going to give those a try. I am not going to lie – hunter land seems to have changed a lot since my last go at it… I don’t think shirts that had mesh sleeves and only buttoned part way down even existed back then let alone in the traditional hunter ring.

I was a little skeptical but a few friends assured me it would be good so I am excited. The shirts definitely seem like they will be more comfortable!

The cute collars are AWESOME. There were no wine or beverage themed collars much to my dismay. Maybe for my next shirt!

Next I had to replace my Roeckl gloves. My black ones were on their last leg and were definitely not show appropriate. While I was at it I added a new belt and some socks to the mix.
Snacks (and adult beverages) have been purchased and my clothes have been packed! I just have to get through one more day of work and then I am headed north. First I get to see Katherine and then I will be heading up to Wilmington!

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  1. RJ Classics has the beverage themed ones- for future purchases. 😉

    I love Talent Yarn shirts- so comfy, and classy for clinics on their own.