Meeting Siggy

A few weeks ago my friend Katherine’s new event partner arrived from Florida and I was dying to meet him. He is a HUGE oldenburg gelding (he’s gotta be 17.1hh if not taller) that will be coming 7 in May. He was imported a couple years ago and has evented a little bit at preliminary and should be a great partner for K to move up the levels with.

It’s funny to me how quickly I forgot how big Houston is and have gotten accustomed to Annie’s more petite build. Even C (the horse I will be showing) seems tiny in comparison to Siggy.

Back to the details – as K lives kind of on the way to Robert’s Arena I decided to drive to Lexington last night so that I could have some much needed friend time today and I am so happy that I did.

Siggy is the proud owner of Huey’s BoT Quarter Sheet

First I got to watch K and Siggy go around which was really nice. It is fun to see my friend enjoying herself so much and I can’t wait to see them slaying it this season.While Siggy is not small he seems very light and manageable to ride and when K offered to let me take him for a spin of course I jumped at the opportunity. 

It is safe to say that I have not been on a horse this large or even close to his size since Houston and while it is definitely a lot higher he was surprisingly easy to ride. The correct balance of leg and hand and we were rolling! I am definitely out of practice at riding in a dressage saddle and woah the contact levels vary from the Hunters and Eventing/Dressage but it was fun to get to try out some of my old moves per sey.

Siggy has a lot of buttons installed and we were able to show off his leg yields, haunches in, shoulder in, turn on the haunches, and even some lead changes! This horse is super fancy from what I can tell. Hopefully I will get to see him jump around sometime soon as well.

Next post will be a show update and I can’t wait!

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