Ready Set Show!

It has been over 2 years since the last time I was at a horse show. Exactly 771 days to be exact since the XC day at the 2013 Pine Top Thanksgiving HT with Houston.

1454590_10201818111153522_1656274926_nSince starting riding again I knew that I wanted to try something besides eventing. That is not to say that I will never event again (I took Annie to the KHP for a schooling day after all) but for now I would like to go back to my hunter jumper land roots.

IMG_6527.PNGLuckily Annie should make a pretty cute hunter! Part of my plan to get back at it was to find a trainer to lesson on made horses while I am bringing Annie along. I struck gold with my BO’s trainer and have been having the best time lessoning on his horses as well as Annie.

Last weekend I started riding a very nice horse who I’ll refer to as C and when we got along well NT asked me if I wanted to show him!!! Obviously I wanted to but I needed to sort out the financial aspect of that adventure – I’m debating if I should do a post about the cost of single Aย rated shows . HJ shows seem to be WAY more expensive than I remembered!

roberts_ringAfter some finagling on my part we got it set up and I will be going to my first A show since high school at the end of the month. I will only be showing over 2’6 but you have to start somewhere and I cannot wait to get back in the show ring. Hopefully the next show after that will be something local with Nanners.ย Any bloggers located near Robert’s Arena in OH reach out and maybe we can meet up either the first or second week of the show ๐Ÿ™‚

After I succeed in my #goalbreeches endeavor the first thing I am going to buy is a nice new hunt coat!

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  1. Have you ever been to Roberts Arena? ITS GORGEOUS. I visited for the first time this year and holy cow, it’s winter horse show paradise… ya know, unless you can afford WEF.

    Anyways, if you end up going hit me up! I’ll drive down and meet you ๐Ÿ˜€