Rider Review: Piper Breeches

Sometimes no matter how hard you try you can’t make yourself like something. Apparently that is how it is supposed to be for me and certain breeches. I purchased one of the original pairs of SmartPak Piper Breeches a few years ago. I didn’t love the fit but was willing to sacrifice some of that due to the price. In the end I returned them after I wore them one time due to the knee patches coming unstitched before I even got on a horse.SmartPakLogo

I had read that the Piper’s had been revamped and at the price of $48 a pop (during a sale) it seemed safe enough to try them once more. Unfortunately the key issues with the fit of the Piper’s were not resolved – IMO. I ordered 2 sizes (my standard 26 and a size up 28) so I do not feel that this has to do with improper sizes being ordered. Full disclosure this is not a full review as I cannot attest to any durability as I did not keep these breeches after trying them on.

I will say that the fabric did improve so props to you SmartPak but I would rather have 1 pair of Tailored Sportsman at $190 than the almost 4 pairs of Pipers that you could buy for the same amount. That said I understand that many people can’t or don’t want to spend that kind of money on breeches. I find that quality over quantity lasts though.

Below are a 2 of the main issues that I personally experienced:

1 – There is a lot of extra fabric at the back of the knee – I found this to be a problem in both sizes of the breeches

2 – The material at the crotch (apologies in advance for the crotch shot) bunches. This is much more evident in the 28’s but still a problem in the 26.

At the end of the day I couldn’t bring myself to ride in these breeches and am very happy that I opted to return them. Maybe it is just that my body type isn’t made for the Piper’s or maybe my thighs like to be cased in the classy Tailored Sportsman – we will never know. Do any Tailored Sportsman lovers have any other brands that you think I might like? I would love to find another brand that is flattering and comfortable!

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  1. I also tried the newer Pipers … I sized down and kept them, mainly for cold days at the barn when I might not ride. I won’t buy another pair. I do have other brands I like, but they are not very similar to Tailored Sportsmans. I have been curious about the Romfh Champion breeches, but I haven’t tried them yet.

    1. Romfh Sarafinas all the way! The material is thin, but not too thin, and stretchy. They are super comfy, I usually end up wearing them all day. The champions are nice, a little thicker material.

  2. I have yet to find anything I love as much as TS, but I do really like my Pipers. Perhaps just a different body type = a different fit. I’ve got a pair of B Vertigos and Ghodos on their way to me, so we’ll find out soon how they compare. I would steer clear of Lo Ride though if you like TS.

  3. I do really like the maroon color that the Smartpak Pipers have…but now that I know Pikeur Lucindas fit me perfect I haven’t tried anything else! Just have to save a little more for the Pikeurs. 😛

  4. I have a friend who loves the Pipers, in fact at least half of her breeches are Pipers. I tried them once when they first came out and never again. Since I don’t really ride English right now I don’t have many pairs of breeches. I like TS and I like my ADE breeches pretty well. Aside from those, I have one pair of winter FITS breeches. If/when I buy a new saddle, I’ll have to find some more breeches too, of a more budget friendly nature.

  5. I had a pair for a hot minute… And they were just ok. I too experienced the crotch bunching. I also found they gapped at the waist verybadly. Solvwd with a belt, nbd. The clincher was how tight the sock bottoms were. I’m a size 28 with a relatively small 13in calf, and I was getting tingly legs and terrible lines. BUH BYE. Like you, I’d rather have Trophy Hunters.

  6. Pity about the fit issues as the colours are lovely. I cannot make any recommendations as have never tried TS or Pipers however I have been very happy with my Aztec Diamonds & Horze breeches for winter as they are warmer cotton material but have the negative of velcro closures on the ankle…maybe they have changed that recently as it has been a couple of years since I bought Horze breeches. However they have a dark green pair of B Vertigos that have caught my eye

  7. I love my Pipers. I have two pairs and plan on getting a third when I can! I save my TS for shows and I also have a pair of Ariat Olympia breeches that I love even better than the Tailored Sportsmans. But they’re both show breeches, so I keep the Pipers for schooling.

  8. I have 3 pairs of Pipers and 3 pairs of Trophy Hunters. While I think the Pipers are my favorite of the lower priced breeches (vs. Devon-Aire, Tuffrider), I just love the Trophy Hunters. I’m about to try Equine Couture and see how I like them; not a fan of all the bling, but some are pretty subdued.

    But the crotch bunching in the Pipers is the worst! And I’m constantly doing to the “pull up your pants” dance.

  9. I just bought a pair of those same ones during the sale and am having the same issue. The crotch sags like I’m trying to be gangsta! I am so bummed because the material is so nice and the color is to die for. I am having a heck of a time finding breeches too. I need to just go to the new Dover store and try a bunch on. I also need to return these Pipers, as much as I want to love them, doing the awkward “pull up” the breeches move 27 times at the barn is getting old.

  10. I have a few pairs of Pipers and they fit okay, but I have to say that I LOVE my Annie’s Equestrienne Apparel breeches! They fit like a glove, are as comfy as yoga pants, and come in a bunch of fun colors (and tame ones, as well).

      1. I tried a pair of Annie”s a while back. I’m not short, I’m like 5’6 1/2″ and the pair I got was so long they were bunches up around my ankles. I didn’t keep them for that reason, otherwise the material was nice and the overall fit was pretty good

        1. I’m 5’3 and they fit me length-wise, I know that now she only has the “sock” bottom (stretchy material). But that’s just me!

  11. I have a couple of the Pipers. I think they are ok. They offer “extended sizes” which is nice. My favorites are Ariat Pro Circuit breaches, because they fit well and have lasted FORever, but I’m kind of out of those at the moment. I have about 20 pairs (donated), so I’m working to get back into them. Just wish they werent so expensive and came in other cool colors. In the meantime, the Pipers suit my purpose, although they do not wear as well.

  12. I have two pairs of the pipers, both purchased half off and I *just* like them enough to keep them at that price point. I love everything about them except for what I call the saggy crotch. I spend so much time tugging them back up where they belong, but everything else fits so I don’t want to size down. A little irritating.

    Tailored sportsman trophy hunters have also been my favorite, why can’t those be half off??

  13. This is why I’m scared to try the Pipers! I’m addicted to my TS and honestly my cheapo breech go to is the Equine Couture (found on eBay).