Snow Pups

Not too much news on the riding front over here. Work has been killer and I probably worked 70+ hours the past 6 days. Really wishing I made overtime! Yesterday Nashville declared a state of winter emergency… I scoffed at that and assumed that they were exaggerating as many midwestern states do at the prospect of winter conditions… Then we got over 6 inches of snow and the biggest snowstorm in the area in over a decade. Sometimes  you think you are moving south and your days of snow outside of vacations are over… And then you are wrong!
Luckily I have an awesome BO and Annie is snug as a bug tucked in with a bunch of hay. I will venture out there tomorrow but today was spent inside spare an adventure out to get some essentials – including but not limited to Crispin and Gushers because #priorites – #goalbreeches to resume tomorrow 😉


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  1. We have 2ft here in MD. My amazing barn manager has been sleeping at the barn. If I ever get out of the house (haven’t seen a plow since early am) my first stop will be to get her a present!!!

  2. You’re pups look like they are having a good time. The snow is so pretty. Hopefully mother nature didn’t just read that… I don’t want any pretty snow up here thanks!