Tech Grabby Hands

There are a few things out on the inter-webs that I am having big grabby hands over… one I sprang on last year but the other I am trying to exhibit self control on…

logoThe EquiSense Balios Sensor has my tech loving self going crazy. I haven’t been big on tracking my rides (like Beka) but this seemed pretty intriguing. When I saw that the Kickstarter backer price was so reasonable I knew I wanted to give it a try. capteur Some of the cool features include:

    • Ride recording (break out of time at each gate as well as GPS of your track)
    • Lameness notification (I am a little skeptical but also thoroughly excited)
    • Performance analysis
    • Share feature

Sometime this spring I will get my grubby little hands on this fun sensor! Everyone should check it out at Equisense – especially if you regularly track your rides already. It will come with a nice leather holster and easily attach to the girth! I will be sure to review this once I get a chance to use it.

soloshot-2Next up is the SoloShot 3… I didn’t even really know that “robot cameramen” were a thing for your average joequestrian… Apparently I live under a rock and these are very much a thing. Often times when I ride I do not have anyone that can film for me. I find it so helpful to be able to review parts of my ride to understand what I am actually doing. I definitely plan to add one of these babies to my collection ASAP. I would love to jump on one right now due to the pre order special pricing (30% discount!) but it just isn’t a smart time for us with some other purchases.

Do any of you all have any new gadgets or horse items that you are coveting??


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  1. I really want one of those camera things. It’s a lot of money though and I’m just not sure I’d use it enough. Can’t wait to hear what you think of them when you get a chance to try it out.

  2. I desperately want both of those! I feel like I’d be constantly paranoid about the soundness tracker on the equisense, but with a horse coming back from a suspensory, that’s huge. WANT.

    I was so close to preordering the soloshot 3 over the winter and still I keep going back and forth about it. On the one hand, if I’m getting it anyway, may as well order it now, since it will save me in the long run, but on the other hand… vet bills.

  3. I almooooost did the Kickstarter for Balios, but I had Christmas presents to buy. I’m really curious to see how they’ve managed to integrate it into the new Voltaire Blue Wing saddle.

  4. This is like news from the heavens! I had no idea such delightful gadgets existed! Here I was thrilled to discover I could track my fitness via my newish Fitbit. (see recent blog post But man oh man, that Equisense could potentially rock my world!

    Great post! Uber informative.