Trailering Essentials

I am by no means an expert in the world of hauling or trailer maintenance but I have done a lot of reading up to make sure I have my bases covered in terms of must haves while on the road with horses. This is my list of things to keep on hand from my various experiences hauling myself and with others.

Helpful Books:

Must Have Items:USRlogo2

  • General Dog:
    • Food Storage
    • Extra Leash/Collar
    • Dog Crate – Sonny can’t be contained but it would be useful if you had a normal dog
    • Dog Bed – for hotel or show
    • Dog Food/ Water Bowls


  • Documents – I like to have a binder (with Printable Pony inserts) of docs for central storage
    • Truck/ Trailer Insurance Docs
    • US Rider Info
    • Coggins
    • Health Certificate/ proof of vaccinations
    • Horse Registration ID’s
    • Emergency Contact Listing

I am sure that I forgot something on this list but after a few hours of thinking about it I can’t think of anything else. Most of the items above have links to purchase and are available on Amazon (heck yes for prime shipping) or Riding Warehouse.

Do you all have any must have items that aren’t listed?

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  1. One thing I’d add … a tow strap/heavy duty towing rope. Without this, my trailer accident would have had a drastically different outcome. You never know when you’ll need to pull your truck, or pull your horse out of your trailer.

    Ugh. PTSD moment.