Best Laid Plans

This weekend had its ups and its downs… I started off with some things to correct but two 4th place ribbons in the Intermediate Equitation (2’6). Going into Saturday I learned some things about myself and how much I have grown. Originally the plan was for me to show a sale horse both weekends of the horse show. Unfortunately due to certain circumstances that I am not comfortable blogging about in detail given that the horse is not my own plans are changing!Things don’t always go as planned but I am really happy with how I handled the circumstances that were thrown at me. I am not hurt but I did fall off. The biggest thing that I learned about myself now in this experience is that I ride for me. In the past I would have been beyond bothered if someone saw some of the things that happened this weekend but this weekend I was riding for me and loving every minute or taking things in stride.

Now the new plan for week 2 is for Annie to come up and get to school and potentially show a little bit. It should be a really good experience for her. Any OH bloggers in the area should come see us!

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  1. yikes, glad to hear you’re ok! and also glad that you were able to enjoy yourself and easily handle the changing circumstances, even tho things didn’t go to plan. congrats on the ribbons and very exciting that Annie gets to join in on the fun next weekend!

  2. It’s great when you can let go and enjoy the experience. Sounds like a great experience for Annie, maybe it was meant to be that way.

  3. Not knowing the details I am sorry that you were put through any ordeal that made you uncomfortable, but it sounds like you pulled something valuable for you from the experience. I hope this week with Annie you guys can have a great time!

  4. Glad to hear your ok! Sometime gravity can be a nuisance. Congratulations on your ribbons though!
    Can’t wait to hear about Annie’s field trip to the show!

  5. Sorry to hear you took a tumble and that the weekend didn’t pan out as hoped. I cannot wait to read all about your adventures there with Annie 🙂