January Splurges

This month I have been kind of bad on the spending front. I have sold some things but I have bought just as much if not more… Whoops.

I already fessed up on the new show shirts and socks but this week I went a little crazy with excitement about bringing Annie to the show and since Riding Warehouse never disappoints with their freaky fast shipping I went to town. There are also a few other purchases from last week that I am still waiting on.

Human: rs.php-3

Noble Outfitters Garment Bagrs.php

Noble Outfitters Peddies

Carolina_BlueEquestrian Prep Shirt (thanks Beka for my newest obsession!)

18211_BlackTailored Sportsman Belt (purchased from local tack shop not SmartPak)

USEF and USHJA Rider Registration

Horse:art_multi_04-12-2009-15-09-09_RE05HSP TB BB

CWD Raised Braided Reins w/ Fancy Stitching (thanks Gingham for the glowing review on quality)

rs.php-7Back on Track Mesh Sheet (replacement after Spot‘s Mom acquired my too small sheet)rs.php-2

Equifit Pack N Stick Hoof Packing Tape (BO said these are nice so I am hoping they will be helpful for keeping Magic Cushion in)rs.php-4

Braiding Yarn (now to learn how to do hunter braids…)rs.php-6

Vet Wraprs.php-5

Magic Brush

HalterTags for my blankets, bridle, and a key chain (once again blaming Gingham for this find)

USEF and USHJA Registration ($200 USEF Life, $75 USHJA)

Trailer: (I’ll post a full organization post once I get to that point)14465820

Sterilite Drawers (x2)15066036

Sterilite Storage Tote (x2)

I also need to get Annie a show halter. I am leaning towards Walsh as I love them and they don’t entirely break the bank.

Have any of you been buying good things?

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  1. Just snagged a new show coat that not only fits perfectly but was 75% off retail price on eBay. I’m in love.

    I’ve been debating a BoT sheet for Lexie- it’s a “would be nice” splurge I can’t justify quite yet.

  2. Just got in my first C4 belt last night, excited to play with it. Also have gotten 2 new pairs of winter breeches, a winter coat, and a vest. Also have a shirt on the way to go under the vest, lol. May have gone a bit nuts!

    I want to hear more about the magic brush!

    Love the Equifit hoof wraps, they are awesome!

  3. Tack Shack of Ocala halters are really nice and not nearly as expensive as Walsh. I received one as a gift for my birthday in September and I love it. I’ll take a picture after work and send it to you on FB.

    1. I was just gonna comment about Tack Shack. I got mine in the mail the other day. It’s gorgeous. Way nicer leather than the Walsh (especially the newer Walsh halters).

  4. I really want one of those Equestrian Prep shirts. They are SO CUTE!

    Libbys halter is a Walsh 🙂 Holds up to everyday use and still looks beautiful!

  5. Have been on a serious spending freeze for what seems like forever due to adulting #sigh
    Shall live icaruously through others and dream about when I can upgrade Kika’s slightly small rugs and all the other shiney things i want but don’t necessarily need *grin*