Weekend Wrap Up: A Yellow Ribbon

This weekend Annie competed in her first horse show. After our first schooling experience at the bigger A show a few weeks ago I wasn’t sure what to expect but I shouldn’t have worried because Annie was a total rock star.We hauled over to the facility on Friday and Annie stepped off the trailer understandably up.

After she got settled in her stall we ended up getting in a brief school. I love love love that because this show was not rated they let us school over the actual jumps as this gave Annie the opportunity to get inside the ring and see everything. My primary goal all weekend was just to keep Annie a cool customer. I wanted her to leave on Saturday acting like it was no big deal. I can honestly say that after schooling Friday afternoon I probably would have been happy if we said that’s all the we could do. Everything was just rolling well – I am pretty amazed at what I have been able to accomplish in just a few short months with NT. The best was yet to come though!

Saturday morning I got to the show grounds at 8am and took care of the little ginger. Because the show was so laid back it was a really pleasant experience to get to take our time. I let her stretch her legs a bit and then we went on a nice hand walk before going back to the barns. After that we got to partake in the “hurry up and wait” that is hunter jumper shows for the 2′ Special Hunter division.

After about 2 or so hours it was our turn and the little ginger did not disappoint! We ended up deciding that trot in canter out would be our best move but by the time we got to our 2nd Hunter round Annie was on a roll and I feel like we probably could have cantered her around the entire course. We stuck with the original plan though in an effort to keep things fun and not over face her. Unfortunately those decisions did keep us out of the ribbons (I am a little confused given that I wasn’t the only person making that decision) until the flat class.

For the hack I honestly think that Annie should have won. I try not to be one of those people that says “we were robbed” etc but I really do feel like Annie was the best mover and we had no real issues. There is always next time though and I am so pleased by how well she behaved that I don’t care!

I can’t wait to get Annie out and about for our next adventure! Hopefully I will have some pro pictures to share soon! 

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