Weekend Wrap Up: Explosive to Controlled

This week was pretty uneventful from the ride perspective (in that it was non existent between rain and work) but I still opted to have a lesson on Friday afternoon. Given said 6 day hiatus from the saddle the ginger was understandably up.

Our lesson became was pretty much a lesson in riding the horse I am given… But it felt a lot like this was my theme song – I may or may not have busted out in song while being taken off with… Except all parts were saying no. Mind and body. Thanks R. Kelly ( normally not a fan) for summing it up so perfectly.

Essentially NT wants me to sit down on Annie when we canter instead of this hover thing that I have developed a bad habit of doing. I felt like Annie was going to lose her mind evetyime that I sat on her and NT kept reiterating the same concepts over and over… It was definitely ammy hour at the farm.

Eventually it became clear that things were about as productive as they were going to be given that I had not worked her all week and we called it quits. I did take away some great points about my position and the feel I should be trying to get.

My notes were:

  • Give with elbows as I post for a softer and quieter hand
  • Do NOT use an indirect rein in all situations
  • Use my seat more – sit down and ride instead of treating Annie like glass

On Saturday I busted out the clippers and was yet again so pleased with how well behaved Annie was about the process. I have some lines but I figure by next week things will look perfect again.

Yesterday was the real party. I tacked Nanners up and had a great school on the flat. I was able to spiral in and out on circles and even got 2 controlled lead changes out of her – each on the first try! Love this little mare more and more each day.

Annie was so good for our flat that I ended up taking her out around the farm. She was foot perfect and didn’t care about anything. I am hoping to get her off farm for a trail ride soon. 

I failed at attempting to get a conformation picture of her this weekend because she kept wanting to look at the camera. She’s so cute I can’t complain though. I am in Louisville for work today but hopefully the weather will be nice for a ride tomorrow. 🙂

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  1. Lol the canter hover, that’s such a hard habit to break for me. She’s a beautiful girl, what a good brain she has to hack out for you without going looney.

  2. Ha! My trainer has been telling me the same thing. “He can carry you, M. I promise. He can support your weight. At the very least, at the walk– oh, for Christ’s sake, sit down!” Awkward hover twins ftw.
    Side note, that saddle is a stunner, I drooled a little just looking at it. What is it??