Weekend Wrap Up: Less Is More

This weekend was pretty great. Laid back with the right touches of excitement. On Saturday I hauled over to NT’s for a lesson and Kyle went with me. Despite still getting comfortable handling horses Kyle was a champion when Annie decided that she was not interested in getting on the trailer and helped me load her since she seemed to have forgotten that she knows how to self load.

Annie was a super star and jumped all of the jumps in the arena. We pretty much trotted into everything and she locked onto each fence, was super ratable, and a blast to ride. I worked on all of the same things I always need to with my position and Annie acted like an old pro. How did I get so lucky???

Yesterday I was pretty lazy and when I did make it out to the barn (after intermittent ice falling from the sky) I didn’t do too much. We pretty much did WTC in each direction working on straightness and softness. I love the sweet and short rides where you can just enjoy it and keep it simple.

I also received an exciting package in the mail Saturday that unfortunately doesn’t fit me quite right. I assumed incorrectly that my 26R Tailored Sportsman would translate to a 40 in Animo. While I can get into the pants I am pretty sure my badonk would be falling out of them when I actually started riding. Talk about LOW LOW LOW rise pants! If anyone wears a 40 in Animo and is interested in a pair of NWT Nonus breeches please reach out!

It is supposed to rain here the next 2 days so I will likely not get much riding done but I do have a lesson scheduled on Thursday after work. Then it is show time. I can’t wait to see how Annie handles this show after her experience in OH. 🙂  Hopefully everyone else had such nice weekends!


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  1. Annie is such a precious red-head- look at those knees!

    Bummer about the breeches; I’ve heard such great things about Animos.