Dover Skimming

header-logoEvery year I will admit to getting excited when the Dover Saddlery catalog lands in my mailbox. Then every year I remember that their shipping is absurd and the prices are usually inflated or can be beat. That didn’t stop me from continuing my perusal through the catalog though and I figured I would share the things that caught my eye.

First off though this is the shipping rate schedule directly from the Dover website for those that feel like most of us are being over critical of the fees.

The biggest “find” that I saw was theΒ Dream Duffel. I don’t think I could ever stomach the price but I do love the concept or idea. That said I hate the idea of EVER paying $25 shipping for something that isn’t from Europe or extraordinarily heavy. I would love to read more reviews form actual users of the product but there were none to be found on Dover.

Next up is a Helly Hansen rain coat. I have been eyeing one since I tried one on at RK3DE a few years ago. This particular model one isn’t online unfortunately but I have heard good things about the brand as a whole.Β Last but not least are more Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunters… Can you have too many? No I don’t think so. I have been having grabby hands over the Boysenberry and the Black Forrest with tan patches for a long time but I am exercising self control because horse shows are much more fun than a new pair of breeches amiright?

Do any of you all pour over the Dover catalog still? I guess it always makes me think of when I was younger and would pine over all of the pretty things. Little did I know that my tack ho self would develop into such a monster!

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  1. Dover catalogs have always been my favorite to look through. Though I rarely if ever order from them due to the expensive shipping and higher cost on most items. I’m not wealthy, so I hunt for the best price I can find over just about everything.

  2. The shipping kills me, especially when places like Riding Warehouse offer it for free over $50 (or $5 for 2nd day air). Dover also hardly ever has a coupon code, and when they do, you have to spend almost $200 to use it. So I’m like you. I pour over the catalog and hunt the item down elsewhere.

  3. When the Dover catalog comes to my mailbox, I glance at the cover, and then it goes in the trash. I haven’t ordered anything from Dover in at least 5 years, and I probably won’t ever order from them again; they wanted to charge me $13 to ship ONE show shirt via regular, take-your-time-no-rush-at-all snail mail….$13?? For a shirt that’s neither heavy or bulky? Outrageous. Not to mention, Dover’s prices are usually much higher than SmartPak and Riding Warehouse, so I stay away. Plus, the free ground shipping from SmartPak gets stuff to me in no more than 36 hours.

    Needless to say, I’m a Dover hater.

    1. I mean I still haven’t ordered I was just saying it’s fun to look.

      But yes Dovers shipping have kept me avoiding them when at all posible in favor of Riding Warehouse.

  4. I have a whole cart full of stuff that I abandoned last week on Dover because shipping. I knew it was high, but they also have more stock tie options than pretty much anyone else, so I took a gamble. Nope. I did have fun flipping through the absolutely massive catalog I got this week, but until they change their shipping, I won’t order from them.

  5. I’m lucky that I have a Dover store reasonably close. They do carry a great variety, but yeah, that shipping. And I actually had a Dover rep basically tell me ” if you don’t like it, shop somewhere else”. Um, OK, I’ll do just that!!!

  6. TS breeches get me EVERY time. I can’t justify new colors right now though, because I have 3 schooling pairs and 1 show pair and really don’t “need” anything else.

  7. I actually tag the pages of the catalog of items I like….then try to find them elsewhere online for much less. Sad but true!

    1. It’s smart. They do it to themselves because of the shipping. Clearly there are people out there okay with spending that money otherwise they wouldn’t be standing still but I don’t get it.

  8. If you live near a store (clearly not an option for everyone) you can ship to the store for free. And you can also basically choose not to accept it b/c it’s not the right price, whatever. So it’s like an easy way to test run things.

  9. That dream duffle!! I can’t stomach the shipping costs from Dover…especially when RW will ship for overnight for free since I’m in CA. Really can’t beat it.

    But those TS…that Boysenberry is lovely!

  10. You mean, do I read “the bible”? OF COURSE lol. I got especially excited because the chestnut jumper on the cover looks a lot like my BFFs horse! #semifamous

  11. I always used to go through and mark it with flags. Mine arrived yesterday, and had to go to the garbage can after the SO got steak juice all over it (don’t ask, I think it was a plot). Of course, I could just look at last year’s, which are currently being used as boot trees in my second pair of tall boots.

  12. I totally browse their catalog and then order elsewhere. I really wish their shipping was reasonable as some items aren’t available elsewhere, but I’m not paying for slow shipping. Of course, I also just toss the catalog when I know it’ll be too much of a temptation.

  13. Dover is half an hour from my house. It’s a major problem. I am in there CONSTANTLY. I still browse the catalog! (And their clearance items online.)

  14. I do love reading the Dover catalogs! It’s funny- I also like the SP catalogs but they keep sending me Western (since I have an AQHA number) and I keep calling and saying “I checked hunter/ jumper). Love those contrast breeches!

  15. Love love love getting the catalog but like you, never buy.

    Wish they would get on the band wagon and be a more competitive price.