First Steps For Huey

I am sure that all of you are wondering why and how Houston came back into my life… I would be too! I kept in contact with the woman that Houston was living with and got pretty regular updates on how he was doing. The past 2 weeks she was showing down south and ended up deciding that Houston wasn’t going to be what she needed him to be and she didn’t have time for him. Luckily we chatted and she decided that she would bring him to me on her way home. That is how I went from one to two in the matter of 3 days.

His form over fences has degraded in ways that I didn’t even know were possible – Houston was never the tidiest jumper but this is a new level. He had been using his shoulder pretty well when he left me so my best guess is that he is uncomfortable and also possibly just not interested in jumping.1454590_10201818111153522_1656274926_n

My first plan of action is to get the vet to do a full work up on him. I know that a treatment of Ichon was done on him but he is probably in need of his hocks and stifles getting done as it has been over a year and a half since he had his done. I want to make sure that I get him 100% before I start trying to evaluate what he wants his job to be. Priority number one is getting Houston comfortable and happy again. A few weeks off should help get us on the right track.551290_10200298599086670_1519031269_n

Have any of you been in similar situations? Have an insights on where you like to start when giving one some time off to reboot and figure out what they want to do? I would love it if Houston could start jumping well again as I finally have consistent great help but I am not going to force him into it considering I am happy to jump Annie around and have Huey do all things flat and fun.


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  1. Miles always benefits from some time off — anywhere from 4 days to 2 weeks is his “sweet spot” — so I could definitely see Huey feeling the same way. I’m also a big believer that the horse will tell you what he wants to do.

    Glad to see the big man is back! I’ve missed his sweet face <3

  2. I admit that with O we went to a lot of guess and check. I had a list of things we were checking into, and I just systematically went through them. Vet is obviously the first stop. Chiro came next for us. Followed by the interchanging ‘job’ options and seeing how she responded.

  3. I sent Tris out to pasture for 9 months once. He just wasn’t quite right, my life was out of control, and the right boarding situation presented itself. He came back terrific. I jumped him again when he told me he was ready – when we schooled near jumps and he was pulling me toward them.

  4. Gina has always been very weird about jumping; she has always been pretty game for jumping XC-style things, but will completely lose it when presented with show jumps. (Or even ground poles or cavaletti.) For a few years, I tried various things to persuade her to jump in an arena. We didn’t even look at ground poles for a while. We tried crossrails. We tried big jumps. We tried jumps that weren’t made from standards and rails. We went to different arenas. I’ve basically given up- she’s obviously telling me she doesn’t like doing this. I’m basically happy to let her be a foxhunter and dressage horse, though a tiny part of me wishes she’d just jump the freaking show jumps and be an eventer lol

  5. When I got Candy, we did easy hacks and easy trot work for a while to let him decompress, but still be active. Then it was small cross-rails until he stopped losing his mind over fences. It took about a year to go from square one to 2’6″ish with him, including chiro work + vet care.

    I would definitely do a full vet workup, possibly chiro and acupuncture as well, and make sure pain is not there. Once you get your baseline, you can go from there. Good luck! He’s such a doll!

  6. what a surprise to have him back – but how cool to get such a balance between your greenie and the guy you already know in and out. hopefully you can get him completely comfortable and 100% soon!

  7. I am so thrilled that you and Hue are reunited! No advice, I think you are on the right track. Have a workup done and go from there. 🙂 Looking forward to all the Huey photos!

  8. Yay for having Huey back! I think you’re right on track with a little vacay and vet work up. After that, if you can afford it, I’d be very interested to see what you’d have after a month of full training with your trainer. That way he can evaluate what he’s got and see where Hue-monster should go career-wise.

  9. Full vet work up, then injections if needed and a few weeks off. That would be my advice. How exciting to have Huey back!

  10. I’m playing catch up too!!

    Hi Huey!! I’m glad she brought him back to you! So nice when people will keep you in the loop!

    I’m excited too see what job he loves 🙂

  11. Awwww, reunited! When I found your blog, it was about you and Houston 🙂 It stinks that it didn’t work out with his new owner, but at least she let you know what was happening so you had the chance to get him back. He may still enjoy jumping as long as he’s pain-free so it sounds like you know what’s best and are on the right track. Looking forward to hearing more about his progress!

  12. Welcome back Houston! Reading backwards it sounds like the injections and vet workup will be helpful. With Wilbs, we did two rounds of vet to make sure he was sound, and then I just put him back to work slowly. Everything is better in pairs!