Poll Time: Spray Bottles

As I vaguely eluded to in my post last week I have been playing around with some equine products and I am currently having an internal debate over packaging.

The product in question is an organic coat spray. I personally LOVE flairosol spray bottles. For those of you that have not experienced this type of bottle they are awesome and help the product go much farther. Enjoy the youtube video below 😉

Unfortunately they are kind of cost prohibitive and hard (read: IMPOSSIBLE) to find in 16oz and 32oz sizes or really anything over 10oz. I am not ruling these bottles out but unless I am able to track them down from a wholesaler I am not sure how I will be able to make them work.

So I ask you dear readers if you have a spray bottle preference? Tall and slim? Shorter and fat? Below are some options and I would love if you would take a minute to share which you would prefer – or share a link to another product with a different bottle if that is the case. (Please note for the Flairosol bottle that would probably be a bottle and refill package given the difficultly finding bottles of comparable size to the example below).

Last but not least does anyone have any recommendations for logo designers? If there was to be a contest held what kind of prizes would it take for the creative bloggers out there to be interested?

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  1. Skinnier bottles would be my preference, just because they’re easier to fit places. My issues with anything aerosol is that they can be expensive and difficult to ship (no air shipment) and also that they are sometimes damaged in shipping and the sprayer does not work.

      1. I guess when I saw the flairosol, I just assumed aerosol. I’m not familiar with that type of bottle. Is that the style that’s on the Canter Mane & Tail? If so, I actually have that same bottle, but I haven’t used it because my old bottle isn’t totally gone yet. I liked the bottle style (RW purchase) because my Noble Outfitters Equinessential tote has a nifty center area for bottles, etc, but most of my bottles are too large to fit there.

  2. Prefer cylinders to the rectangular sizes, but otherwise don’t care. I would straight out hire a graphic designer for a logo versus holding a contest. You’ll get better quality in the end and someone who is committed to getting you exactly what you want. 🙂

    1. This. I agree with everything here. I like to be able to shove my spray bottles in with the rest of my bathing stuff, and that precludes anything weirdly shaped or too big. Those who don’t hike 1/4 mile to their wash stalls may have varying experiences. 😉

  3. Wow…that video was kinda intense and epic. 😛

    I definitely prefer skinny round bottles as they are easier to put places. The sprayer tops I have on my bottles always end up breaking after only a few weeks so it would be awesome to find something more durable!

  4. i tend to like skinnier cylindrical bottles since they are easier to fit places (provided they don’t leak!) – but i also like bottles with handles so they can hang too. excited to see the product!

  5. Ooh! Also, the one thing that is really make or break about a sprayer (IMO) is the ability to turn it off and on reliably. A leaky sprayer in the OFF position is the ultimate annoyance.

      1. I agree with the need for things to actually be ‘OFF’ when they are supposed to. I hate when they leak! Secondly, I recommend Fiverr.com, especially if you are just looking for a few rounds of logos. They have tons of options/people who can design for you for a reasonable price.

  6. Huh. I’ve never really thought about spray bottles design before honestly. If I like the product I don’t really care what vehicle it comes in! I do agree with Lauren- if you’re starting a biz hire a designer- you’ll get rounds of proofs etc.
    I’m not making my case as a test subject with my “any bottle is fine” feedback :).

  7. I don’t really have a preference, but my mare does. She’s an aerosol kind of girl, the finer the spray the better. The regular spray bottles she could do without. Of course, she puts up with whatever it is we choose to spray her with… On more intense thought, though, I do have an issue with sprayer tops breaking really quickly.

  8. I like the bottle shape on the Ecoloicious spray products (http://ecoliciousequestrian.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2&products_id=7) because it is on the smaller side and fits nicely in my grooming tote, and despite travelling to and from horse shows, and getting a lot of use, this type of spray top seems to be fairly sturdy. I have the same type of sprayer for several personal hair products and they have survived numerous weekend car trips, flights, etc. And I love that they have the little lock button so your product doesn’t leak everywhere.

  9. I’ve been enjoying the flairosol bottles a lot, though I’m still figuring them out a bit, it’s my first experience with them. Sometimes I’m ready to stop spraying and it just keeps on going lol.

  10. Of the bottles shown, I like the Canter bottle and the Suncoat bottle. Like others havd said, the Canter one is easier to fit inside tack trunks and stuff with less worry about it breaking – that’s my first choice. The Suncoat bottle would be my second. I think that shape is easier to hold than the Spraymaster. I kinda hate the Complete Coat Care bottle…I have it, and it’s difficult to fit neatly anywhere!

    When it comes to logos *shameless plug* I would love to talk to you about your ideas/budget and see if I can create something that matches what you’re looking for! Would be fun to work with a fellow blogger. 🙂 You can see my portfolio at http://becausepony.com

  11. First off LOL at the Flairosol commercial. So dramatic. Second, my favorite is without a doubt the Flairosol cans. They apply the product super even, and you don’t feel like your wasting anything. I feel like my Carr Day & Martin stuff last forever and that’s probably because of the spray more so that there’s a lot of product.

  12. The Flairosol is so pretty however, I have the Canter spray and while it’s beautifully packaged, but sometimes it keeps spraying after I want it to stop which wastes product and annoys me. From a business perspective I wouldn’t want to chip away at profit on too snazzy of a bottle. I am just fine with the two bottles on the left side, I think you could make a really beautiful label to make up for a less fancy/cutting edge bottle.

  13. I’m good with either of the bottles on the right, not a huge fan of rectangle bottles. As long as the sprayer isn’t flimsy, doesn’t leak and sprays pretty evenly, I’m usually pretty happy 🙂 Excited for the new product!