Weekend Wrap Up: Annual Sticks

This weekend wasn’t really anything to write home about. On Friday Annie got her annual vaccinations, teeth done, and had her coggins pulled. We are prepared for a great 2016 show season now! Annie seemed fine after seeing the vet and was bright eyed and happy but I decided to give her the day off anyways as that is what I have always done with my horses when they get teeth/vaccines done.

Friday was also the day of fun deliveries! Above are hugenormous containers of essential oils for my new concoction. Once I figure out an exact recipe, a bottle supplier, and a logo (maybe a contest?) I will be selecting a few bloggers to give me some honest feedback 🙂 

I might have also indulged in some fun Riding Warehouse shopping thanks to their Instagram sale… One of the smaller items that I decided to indulge in was a Wine Down Hoof Pick. I had been meaning to buy a wine opener for the barn anyways so I got to kill 2 birds with one stone. I also picked up a Rambo Mesh Cooler at a great price during the sale too.
  Back to mare face. On Saturday I had a lesson and Annie was really good. My favorite part of the lesson was working on getting the 7 in a bending line from a cross rail to a plank jump. I could really feel how my position impacted our in between and it was really helpful. Annie is a very quick study which is good and bad. Every ride on any horse you are either training or untraining something… That definitely applies to my green bean too and is something I need to always keep in mind.

Yesterday I was able to do a nice school again and Annie once again proved how smart she is. I love this mare more and more each day and I can’t wait to see where we can go together. 🙂   
6 days until the horse show! I need to get my show gear clean and organized as I think I am going to haul over with my BO and another boarder instead of us all driving 3 separate rigs. Lets all do an anti rain dance so the showgrounds doesn’t become a swamp.

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