Weekend Wrap Up: Bowie

Alright I know I posted about Houston yesterday but now I get to brag about the baby horse’s first trail ride! One of my favorite things about having my own trailer is that I get to go on fun adventures whenever I want to as opposed to having to wait for someone to invite me somewhere. I also love getting to offer friends rides now as I feel like I am able to payback all of the times that friends over the years have helped me out! 

On Friday I was out at the barn riding after Houston’s vet appointment and I was talking with a fellow boarder about going to a local park for a ride. Turned out that we were both going to be free on Saturday so I asked if she would want to bring her steady eddy out with Annie for her first real trail ride. Banjo was the perfect companion and even let Annie follow in a very friendly fashion (read she had her head smashed between his buttcheeks) in the beginning.I did opt to keep a halter on Annie for the ride and my friend kept my lead rope in her saddle pad just incase we needed it – better safe than sorry!bowiemap

Annie got off the trailer a little excited but quickly settled and then seemed to really enjoy the experience. She was awesome! I really want to get out again! For people local to my area I would definitely recommend Bowie Park as a great option for trail rides. There are a number of trails open to horses of varying lengths. I can’t wait to get out there again and maybe even tackle the perimeter trail!

Do any of you like to go out on trail rides? When I was younger I went on a trail riding camping trip and while I don’t want to camp anytime soon I would love to go somewhere where I could stay in a cabin or something and trail ride a few days in a row – nothing too intense though. Any ideas? 🙂

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  1. I am so blessed to have miles and miles of trails right behind the barn I board at. One of my goals for this summer is to hack out of ring at least once a week!

  2. I used to love trail riding on my QH because he was awesome at it, but Simon and I don’t really enjoy it together. Maybe it’s something I’ll do more in the future, but currently I’m not in the mood to push it.

  3. We have a state park with trails close by and we have trailered there once. The only problem is we only have one riding horse and a small pony. So my husband was very kind and brought Sassy and led her along with Dexter. We went around the edges of the park, but unfortunately it had been raining and the place has a lot of big hills. So they were slick and not the best introduction to trail riding, even if dry, for Dex’s first real trail ride. Trail riding has always been one of my favorite things and I wish I had someone I could go with. We did also go to a barn I rode at for a few years and go on a group trail ride out in a big pasture. It was fun, but hectic, being as that Dex was one of seven horses and never gets ridden with more than one or two other horses. He was a champ, but I am a chicken, so it was a bit much for me.

    1. Sorry for being a jerk and not commenting on Annie. She is totes adorbs and it looks like she was a champ on her first trail ride. 🙂

  4. What a good girl!!!! There’s actually an overnight trail ride out by the ocean where the horses stay at a barn overnight and all the riders have accommodations. Although given Ellie’s penchant for leaping around on the trail we can’t figure out how she ever made it as an endurance horse.

  5. Good baby horse! It would be QUITE the long haul for you, but Acadia in Maine has a barn and campground within the park – my friends and I have hauled in for a week of camping and riding and it’s a blast!

  6. A cabin and trail riding for a weekend or something sounds sooo fun! I’m so impressed with how good Annie is about all her new experiences.

  7. What a good baby pony! The first time I took my then 10 yr old out on a trail he tried to buck me into a low hanging tree.

  8. There are TONS of places to ride & stay a few nights in both NC & VA. The VA state parks have new overnight set ups with the neatest free standing stalls. Also Leatherwood in NC mountains has human options from tents to 3 story mountain chalets. There are some places to ride & stay here at the NC coast as well (including my barn hehe) but being a mountain girl myself I much prefer the mountain trails. Yay for fun rides tho, hope you have plenty more this summer!