Weekend Wrap Up: Easterville

I didn’t get to ride my own creatures because I didn’t get home from Louisville until too late yesterday but I did get to ride on Saturday. My friend has a lovely AO jumper in addition to the cute Annie doppleganger. I was lucky enough to get to ride him and boy was it fun!

L’villa got a decent amount of rain at the end of the week so the arena at her barn was swampy but we were still able to ride in the fields and get in some hill work. T is super sensitive and it was quite an adjustment for me. It is interesting though that all of the things that I need to work on with Annie crop up even more on a made horse. He definitely doesn’t tell any lies for you!Now, That’s The Spot sent me the cutest fox scarf and then I bought myself the hat because according to Stampy and The Brain I have a hat addiction 😛

We spent Easter with my in-laws and after a week away from home I am happy to get back to my normal routine. Mostly getting to ride the ponies!

Did you guys do anything fun this holiday weekend?


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  1. It was rainy and cold here on Saturday, but we had Easter dinner at my mother in law’s that evening. Yesterday was nicer, though windy and I got to ride Dexter. He was pretty good.