What’s In My Locker

I figured it would be fun to join in on Breeches and Boat Shoes impromptu blog hop about what is in your tack trunk. Technically I have a Saddle Locker but still fun to talk about!

tack hoing like it’s my job


When looking at my tack locker it is pretty packed to the gills! The bottom larger locker has one shelf and underneath that my saddle is stored as well as my La Mundial boots and a Rambo cooler. My boots are also shoved down in there somewhere.

The shelf holds a few extra bits, some spray bottles – my magic concoction is included, as well as a plastic bin that houses my small clippers, baby wipes, extra gloves and hair nets. Last but not least is my grooming tote. Please also note my gorgeous brush from Beka 🙂


I keep my bridles and martingales on the door of my locker… This probably needs to be evaluated now that I have Huey in the mix as well. Sharing is caring!

The top locker shares spaces with assorted treats, medical supplies (a very small subset of my vet kit), assorted Herbal Horse tins, lunging supplies, and my helmet. This does not include the hordes of stuff stored in the trailer… but thats a post for another day!

What do you all keep on hand for daily use?

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  1. My similar post is coming soon. I need to take pictures tonight. I buy a lot of various grooming stuff, so lots of that, lots of treats, some bran mashes, leg wraps, my small and only first aid kit. Basically lots of stuff. Oh and duct tape. Always duct tape.

  2. Hey there! I’ve been following along w/ you and baby horse for a few months now…love that tack locker, I’m a bit jealous. Pretty sure I could fill one up too 🙂

  3. Your tack locker is so cool! And thanks for the reminder that ye olde trailer probably needs a good clean out here soon. Yikes.