E@H Blog Hop: Household Items

unnamed-2I have been doing a lot of inventory as I organize the trailer – that post to come soon – and thought I would share some household items that I keep on hand – I didn’t realize how many “non horse” brand items I had. Given the insane markup on all things horse it shouldn’t be that surprising though. Below are some of the first things that came to mind. I know there are more but I would love to hear about any household items that you double agent in the barn!

  • Gold Bond – great for wrapping legs for a long trip if horse has any skin funk
  • Baby Powder – ” ” also great for under wraps
  • Baby Wipes – great for barns without easy water access (good for horse and human)
  • Dawn Dish Soap – perfect for scrubbing legs
  • Hydrogen Peroxide – wound care
  • Chlorhexadine – great for flushing wounds (thanks for this knowledge Houston)
  • Duct tape – does this need elaboration?
  • Diapers – awesome for hoof packing and wrapping
  • Epsom Salt – cheap for soaking hooves

Are there any household items that you all like to keep in the trailer or barn?

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    1. Triple antibiotic for the win. Dawn is such a great multi purpose soap. Especially the antibacterial stuff. Always duct tape.

  1. Just a note: I always have hydrogen peroxide available for a few reasons (like scrubbing injection sites, for example), but it really comes in useful when when my dogs get into something they shouldn’t (like rat poison, eek!). Hydrogen peroxide is used to make dogs vomit up everything in their stomach. It’s pretty much the same thing your vet would use, and is indispensable if you bring your dogs to the barn.

    Other things I use:
    – Silver impregnated disinfectant spray. Meant for countertops, I use for thrush. Works like a charm, safe on skin.
    – Silver impregnated dressing. Meant for wound care for human hospital patients. I cut up a sliver and shove it deep in suculus thrush. Clears it up in no time.
    – Sheepskin mitt from the car-wash section of Walmart. For rub downs, applying shine spray, and last minute dust removal. Approved (kind of) by Captain Don’t F-ing Touch Me.
    – Suave conditioner. For pre-show baths and tail conditioning treatments.
    – Apple cider vinegar. For daily baths. Also works for fly repellent (add to drinking water). Also will dissolve any really caked on sweat from leather strap goods. Dilute liberally in all cases.
    – Sunscreen. Cause. Duh. Pale Irish kid alert.
    – Wet wipes. Same as baby wipes, without the smell. Collect from your local BBQ place for ultra thrift credit.
    – Dry shampoo. Fixes all helmet hair problems instantly.

  2. I have witch hazel in a spray bottle which is great for putting on scrapes to keep the hair from turning white, to sooth itchy skin if the pony gets hives, to pull dust from the pig-pen’s coat, and to disinfect legs after going through water on the cross country course. Of course, the boy also uses it on any boo-boos he gets in the house, so it’s a great all in one deal. Some find the smell offputting, I dont.

  3. We keep isopropyl in a spray bottle in both the barn and trailer. Baby powder in the trailer and sunscreen and human fly spray in both as well. And duct tape everywhere.

  4. Items from the house I keep in the barn. . . do snacks count? Granola bars and pretzels. I don’t have any currently in my tack trunk but as I think about this more, I feel like I need to add them to my treasure chest. Or maybe just Oreos. I cut up so many old towels into smaller towel bits and leave those in my trunk. I don’t even feel too guilty if I get one really dirty and just throw it in the trash. I seriously have an old towel problem at my house.

  5. I’ve just added vit E and tea tree oil to my grooming box. I’m sure there’s lots of other non-horse items in there. I’ll have to take a look.

  6. Oh great post!!

    Baby wipes for sure!
    Infusium Shampoo and Conditioner are my mane and tail stuff ever!!
    Rubber bands from Target.
    Wash clothes for everything!!

    I am sure I use more just can’t think of it now ha!