Husband Horse

Things have been pretty uneventful over hear. Last week was pretty busy for me and while I did ride nothing too eventful happened until Kyle came out to the barn with me on Friday. That is where the fun began! As you can see below Kyle picked up where he left off over 1.5 years ago and went for a ride with me! Houston’s status as a husband horse is more established by the day.

Given that I only have one saddle there seemed to be no time like the present to see how Annie would handle being ridden bareback. As I should have known she was a champ.
We kept the ride pretty simple by hacking around the perimeter of the property. It is about a mile track and the horses we content to amble around. 
Kyle got practice stopping and steering so overall it was a win. I loved getting to unwind from the week together doing my favorite thing.Once we were closer to the arena I decided it would be fun to try to trot and canter Annie. When that went well I threw caution to the wind and decided to jump her over a small vertical. I haven’t jumped bareback in years and it was so fun! I need to ride bareback more often though because I am not in good enough shape!
Do any of you guys bring your SO’s out to the barn? Have they ridden? Do they want to learn how to ride?

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  1. I don’t date much, but my ex-fiance used to go to all my horse shows with me. He was actually great about wiping my boots and carrying stuff, but he was never interested in riding. My recently ex-bf tried riding but fell off and decided it was too scary (and also tried to convince me to quit -.-). I don’t care if my next SO rides or not, as long as he doesn’t care if I ride.

  2. I’M SO JEALOUS. D’s sat on Archie twice and he says “it’s not for him”. Whatever. I’m going to make him ride ponies with me eventually.

  3. That would be so much fun! My hubby comes to the barn sometimes, but he spends so much time at his own barn that it isn’t very high on his priority list 😉

  4. Love this! That Kyle can share your passion is priceless. My husband is the ultimate horse husband…except for the riding part. Someday, we will find him one of his own but until then, he is the best groom, ground handler, lunger, fill in coach, you name it!

  5. Wait, he has his own Samshield? That’s awesome!

    My husband has been on Dexter twice. Dexter is still what I would call green, but pretty good natured. The first time was more successful than the second. Dex was being kind of weird when I was trying a borrowed saddle and husband nearly fell off after Dex made it clear a second time he was not a fan of the saddle. Not sure he’ll get back on him again.

  6. It’s been awhile since we’ve ridden together, but my hubs really does enjoy it! So glad the two men in your life get along so well 🙂

  7. My husband has recently gotten into riding, I find it nerve wracking even when he’s on the saintly school horses. He says he wants to jump and eventually show so we’ll see!

  8. Johnny is gamely learning to ride. He’s mastered posting (mostly on the correct diagonal) and is currently working on steering and posting at the same time. Riding is a fun thing to do together!

  9. So awesome that Kyle rides with you!! My SO was scared of horses at first after an accident involving horses when he was young, but seeing as my horses are a big part of my life, he is learning to be around them and plans to start riding one day.

  10. I’m lucky enough in that mine is very supportive. When Violet was in town and he was still job searching, he came with me almost every time, but has shown absolutely no interest in actually getting on. Actually, he mostly just likes to ask questions. The two times I had him hold her while I was setting fences he became really concerned when she shifted her weight on her feet, never mind actually moved them, lol. But he will basically shove me out the door if I haven’t been to the barn in a while.

    1. I need to get Kyle out more often for media haha. He is pretty helpful when he is at the barn though and was a trooper when we moved Annie from KY to TN. He’s super supportive 🙂

  11. Aww! That’s so awesome you guys got to go on a trail ride together! And mad props for bareback jumping.

    Andy is diving into the leasing thing so he’ll be spending more time riding, but sadly we still will be at different barns. One day we’ll get to ride with each other. 😛

  12. So fun! I don’t have a horse for my SO, but he’s been on our broodmare once or twice. He said I was too tough as an instructor, but he had fun and if we had the right horse, he’d enjoy toodling around. He’s so helpful though, carrying my stuff, cleaning my tack, holding the horse, taking pictures/video, etc. and he loves being at the barn even if he doesn’t ride. It works out pretty well.

    1. It definitely helps that Houston is pretty quiet and simple when you’re just tooling around. He isn’t a more complicated ride until you ask more of him and really only over fences.

      Helping in other ways is super helpful! Kyle is a great carrier 😉

  13. I’m pretty sure my husband has more bridles than me. He also went from knowing nothing about horses, to owning two before I did and working at a tack shop for 5 years. Apparently I have magical powers!

  14. The SO wants a horse ever since his trail ride at KHP- specifically, he wants a grey TWH named Dan. Candy and Lexie can have fire breathing dragon tendencies, so no group rides in our near future, but maybe someday once we get settled!

  15. Although my husband’s not as serious about riding as I am, he does play polo, so horses are a big part of his life too. We ride a lot together around the farm and during polo season, we play together.

  16. Hubby comes out to barn but usually with kids in tow or camera duties. He’s ridden on vacation before and is pretty natural at it, he’s calm and balanced. He’s not really into it but will do it for me 😉 Jumping baby bareback, what a good Annie!