My Strange Addiction: Hats

Apparently I have a bit of a hat addiction. In my defense I only wear a handful of my hats on the regular. Personally a hat is a horse back riders best friend (unless you are one of those girls whose hair always looks modelesque in which case I hate you).

I actually need to get rid of a few of these because the genius that put velcro on baseball hats was clearly not intending for anyone with long hair to wear it. The Kastel regardless of velcro stays though because <3 Kastel! I have a new hat with the current barns logo being made as we speak.

Below are some of my middle tier hats. I wear them often but they definitely don’t have the hours of wear like my tried and true hats. The CWD hat is pretty close and I see the Barn Hair Don’t Care hate getting some serious traffic as I really love the color. CPK is to represent my dad and the Corbett’s hat is from one of my favorite restaurants in L’ville.

Last but not least are my staples. I received the Rolex hat one year when I volunteered at RK3DE. The black Fleur De Lis Farm hat sports the logo of my parents previous farm and will forever hold a soft spot for me. From there we have 2 more recent additions with the IU hat coming from a trip to Bloomington with Kyle when we first started dating (he got his MBA there) and the Ritz hat is from when we got married – I am regretting not getting one on our honeymoon as well but I don’t need multiple hats that say the same thing with small variations.  Do any of you have any strange addictions? I used to have even more hats before we moved but if the hat hadn’t been worn in more than a year it didn’t get to cross state lines with us.

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  1. I don’t have quite that many hats, maybe 4 that I wear on a regular basis, but with short hair (i.e. doesn’t go in a ponytail) a good baseball cap is ESSENTIAL!

  2. Oh great, thanks for refueling my desire for a custom hat. 🙂 You’ll have to tell me who’s making yours. I might have one made for the old man.

    I used to have a Life is Good hat with a jumping Jake. It was a christmas gift from my old BM and I wore it religiously. Then Savannah ate it. 😐

  3. Same here. I love baseball hats. I always ask for them when my family travels. My current favorites are my barn baseball hat and camo Auburn hat, because it’s redneck and hilarious.

  4. I used to wear them constantly and somehow got out of the habit. Something I should fix coming into sweaty helmet hair season.

  5. Definitely a hat thing for me. I have 2 Life is Good, one SmartPak from WEG, one WEG hat from volunteering there, 2 CWD hats from my trainer, two current barn logo hats, one that says “what happens at the barn stays at the barn”, one that says “Just get over it” with a horse jumping, one cosequin, numerous company logo hats from current and prior jobs. Short, thin hair requires a hat in Florida, because peeling skin from head sunburn is not a good look for anyone. The Life is Good and SmartPak hats were once pink, but now are more of a washed out blush, since they are the ones I wear more often, and that means they also get washed regularly.